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  1. DrPumpkinz

    Pending Icons next to field effect counters

    When there's a field effect active, it gets listed in the top left corner of the screen, and sometimes it also covers the whole background with a graphic. This is pretty good, but when multiple effects with backgrounds get stacked, it can get hard to keep track of, and effects that are only...
  2. DrPumpkinz

    Approved Option to move PM box to right side of screen

    A PM box is way too small to do command stuff, so being able to move them over to the right side of the screen where all the other chat stuff is would be greatly appreciated. I imagine something like this is planned for Yande- I mean the Preact client, but there's currently no publicly...
  3. DrPumpkinz

    Rejected Private chat room / command room

    As stated previously, I frequently used /mgc as a quiet space to use search commands. Now that /mgc is restricted to room staff (because gross people ruin good things for everyone), it would be greatly appreciated if there was some way to have a room that would private to the user and could not...
  4. DrPumpkinz

    Approved Boltund gen 5 back sprite

    For some reason, Boltund's gen 5 back sprite is just the reverse of its front sprite, but only the non-shiny version. Here's the correct back sprite: I am aware of this thread. However, that thread seems to be deceased, so I don't think posting this there will accomplish anything.
  5. DrPumpkinz

    Pending /ds resists type -> /ds resist type

    Its counterpart is /ds weak type, not /ds weak to type, and pretty much no other command is written in standard speaking grammar. At least twice now I have fumbled around in commands trying to remember what the syntax for resists is (resist type, type resist, resist=type) only to check the...
  6. DrPumpkinz

    Rejected Announcer

    This suggestion is very extra, high effort, and low priority, but how hype would it be if Showdown had an announcer like the Stadium games? The voice lines would have to be custom recorded, because there are a lot more things to comment on today than there was 20 years ago, so if one of the...
  7. DrPumpkinz

    A game I have been waiting years for has finally released

    Over three years ago, I walked into an open playtest for a game called Epitaph, a fighting game / tactical RPG hybrid. I absolutely loved it. But then, nothing. The devs posted a few updates on their website, and then went silent. I feared they had abandoned the project, and that my one...
  8. DrPumpkinz

    Invalid Contests

    This is a super long-term suggestion, but after four-player support is added through multi-battles and free-for-alls, could we also get contests? I know it's only in a few generations (and Gen 4's weird dress-up and dance stuff would be awkward to implement) but I'm really curious to see what...
  9. DrPumpkinz

    Done Make /mgc shorthand for /makegroupchat

    Ever since I learned about /makegroupchat, I've been using it every time I use commands for research. It's great. However, typing out "/makegroupchat" is pretty inconvenient. It would be great if the command was only four characters long instead of fourteen.
  10. DrPumpkinz

    Approved Gigantimax size

    Currently, Gigantimax Pokemon are way smaller than their Dynamax counterparts and it looks super weird. This is because they already use a larger sprite than the base version, so if they grew just like the base form, they would be way bigger than Dynamax Pokemon. Dynamax Pokemon look like...
  11. DrPumpkinz

    Invalid Fix Archeops's sprite

    It's got a few stray pixels in the top right corner. ................................................................right here (hopefully that aligns right)
  12. DrPumpkinz

    Sheldon Cooper is love. Sheldon Cooper is life

    >I was only 9 years old >I loved Sheldon Cooper so much, I had all the merchandise and movies >I pray to Sheldon Cooper every night before bed, thanking him for the life I've been given >"Sheldon Cooper is love" I say; "Sheldon Cooper is life" >My dad hears me and calls me a slur that I'm not...
  13. DrPumpkinz

    FFZ emotes

    Share some emotes you like on FFZ! (or BTTV, I guess) sidepeepoHappy And then there's this suite of CDi Zelda emotes: zeldaAmazing zeldaBaited zeldaComfy zeldaDansGame zeldaFail zeldaGOOD zeldaLUL zeldaPepega zeldaPog zeldaS zeldaSmug zeldaWellDone I definitely didn't...
  14. DrPumpkinz

    Pending Toggle custom models

    So Pokemon Showdown uses a few custom 3D models. Typhlosion looks great, Mega Absol and Gallade look alright, Snorlax and Umbreon look... pretty much the same, but Gardevoir looks awful. It facing the opposite direction as every other Pokemon looks incredibly weird in team preview. Please...
  15. DrPumpkinz

    Approved Improve filtering moves by category

    Currently, looking at a Pokemon's movepool one category at a time looks like this: That fourth blank page has no reason to exist. To my knowledge, no move in the series is simultaneously two or more categories. It would be better if either the new filter automatically replaced the old...
  16. DrPumpkinz

    Rejected Change the title of this subforum to "Suggestions (Not Bug Reports)"

    Y'all know that newbies don't read the pinned thread titled "read before posting" in all caps. I know this isn't technically a Pokemon Showdown suggestion, but whatever.
  17. DrPumpkinz

    Approved Generic Urshifu form

    Urshifu has an interesting quirk, a bit like Silvally and Arceus, where its form is unknowable in team preview. However, unlike those two, Urishifu doesn't really have a "default" form. However, Showdown needs a default form, and Single Strike was chosen, leading team preview to list Urshifu's...
  18. DrPumpkinz

    Pending Put HP drain in the chat

    When you or your opponent land a direct attack, the damage percentage shows up above the defender's head, and the damage percentage appears in chat (chat percent is more accurate if you're the defender). If the attack is something like Giga Drain where a variable amount of health is healed, the...
  19. DrPumpkinz

    Pending Heavy Slam ane Heat Crash

    For some reason, Heavy Slam is always listed under "moves" while Heat Crash is always listed under "usually useless moves" even though they use the exact same damage formula and Fire is arguably a better offensive type than Steel (especially for coverage were Flare Blitz is rare, but I'm getting...
  20. DrPumpkinz

    Pending Tooltips and tutorials across Showdown

    I was going to just reply with an idea, but I realized that it was basically an entirely separate suggestion. At any point where a new player might get confused, have a little Meloetta or question mark Unown that will display tips when moused over. This can include explaining the...