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  1. CAP 30 - Framework Poll 2

    Weak Status Move Ability In-Battle Form Change Ability Giratina-Style Forms
  2. CAP 30 - Framework Poll 1

    Primal Weather Ability Weak Status Move Ability Runner-Up CAP Mythical Pixie Pokemon Normal-Type CAP In-Battle Form Change Ability Competitive NFE/Evolution Pair Giratina-Style Forms Protean/Libero User
  3. CAP 30 - Framework Submissions

    Updated the name of mine after a request by the mods to clarify it more.
  4. CAP 30 - Framework Submissions

    I have completely changed my submission now that it is legal to do so.
  5. CAP 30 - Framework Submissions

    Name: Primal Weather Ability Description: A CAP built around Desolate Land, Primordial Sea, or Delta stream. Explanation: The three big three super-weather ability users are all snapped (and probably uber- (or even AG-) locked when added back), meaning that any competitive value of them is...
  6. CAP 30 - Framework Submissions

    I thought of this very idea for the very same reason, but I came to a single conclusion: it wouldn’t be cohesive. There are “defining steps” where the processes really divides in two, and the parts afterwards don’t really stay cohesive. For example, the abilities you see with one typing may be...
  7. CAP 29 - Part 10 - Moveset Discussion

    I still strongly believe that “getting in and then out after we benefit from color change but before the opponent has an opportunity to manipulate it to their advantage” is totally pro-concept... for our initial concept. U-Turn and the like don’t just negate our ability; it mitigates the...
  8. CAP 29 - Part 6 - Defining Moves Poll

    Make Only Quiver Dance Required
  9. CAP 29 - Part 6 - Defining Moves Discussion

    I agree with the above. TBH I’ve never shared the common opinion here that “working with an ability” means “making the ability do the maximum work possible”. If we force a switch because the opponent knows they’ll change our typing to resist their coverage, we just worked with our ability. We...
  10. CAP 29 - Part 6 - Defining Moves Discussion

    No retreat feels like a terrible option. We’d be devoting a moveslot to a single use move; No Retreat can’t be used twice and you can’t switch out after using it without a pivot move. And a single stage up offensively is pretty much identical to how STAB normally functions. Not to mention it’s...
  11. CAP 29 - Part 4 - Typing Poll 1

    Flying / Steel Electric / Ghost Fire / Fighting Flying / Ground Dark / Poison Water / Poison
  12. CAP 29 - Part 4 - Typing Discussion

    I concur with the people saying SE>Resist and Toxic Immunities are overrated. Sure, we might turn a 2HKO into a 3HKO, buying us time to recover and forcing out an opponent but that’s a mitigatatory effect not an advantage. It will always be better to Resist>Resist or Neutral>Resist than to...
  13. CAP 29 - Part 4 - Typing Discussion

    Is there any significant value into status immunity that is instantly removed when hit by any coverage? I guess there’s a tiny bit if we get switched in on KO or tele, but in general we will already have lost any type based immunity on the switch or at most the next turn. But #5 is a more...
  14. CAP 29 - Part 3 - Concept Assessment 2

    I feel like it’s probably good to just shelve the secondary role discussion till movepool. Give it cleric moves and it becomes a cleric. Pivoting moves, pivot. So on. There’s not much point holding this discussion now, given almost every secondary role will be decided by the movepool. That said...
  15. CAP 29 - Part 3 - Concept Assessment 2

    I may just not be having it click, but I just don’t see how we can be a setup sweeper or tank. As others mention, there are already setup sweepers with STAB and status immunities and solid defensive typings. How can we compete with that? Color change alone isn’t going to buy much more time than...
  16. CAP 29 - Part 3 - Concept Assessment 2

    I don’t think there is any possible place for a color change ‘mon in higher tiers in an offensive role personally. It’s far too easy for opponents to come in, swap our type, and then switch to a mon that hits us for SE to force us out. Frankly, setup sweeper seems crazy to propose. Firstly, our...
  17. CAP 29 - Part 3 - Concept Assessment 2

    I don’t think you can make color change better than NCA. That seems super far fetched. Color Change is worse than Slow Start. It literally has no upsides over a typing with 9 resistances, and has massive downsides; loss of STAB, typing controlled by an opponent, etc. The absolute best case...
  18. CAP 29 - Part 3 - Concept Assessment 2

    The people trying to rationalize a second ability seem crazy to me. Color change is massively detrimental to all aspects. You have type resistances controlled by the enemy, and most 2-coverage mons will be able to juggle you to death with that. As such, we’ll need to get stronger than normal...
  19. CAP 29 - Part 2 - Primary Ability Poll 2

    Color Change Emergency Exit Defeatist