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  1. CAP 16 CAP 5 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 2

  2. Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    I think a recent shedinja bug fix caused it to malfunction when used with a focus sash: This screenshot was taken in a randombat battle, and all relevant information should be explained from the screenshot. Basically, Shedinja came in at full health with a focus sash in tact, and took a single...
  3. Opportunity Cost and Ubers Teambuilding

    I remember it, and you had to use an offensive chomp because it was that good. You're right, the same exact situation exists with Arceus. If you're not using Normal/Ghost/Grass/Water (?)/Electric (?), you're giving up a potentially amazing pokemon for one that's simply above average.
  4. Pokemon Showdown bug reports

    After the server reset today (occurred on July 21st at approximately 9:55 PM Central Time), I believe some users are unable to get random battles started. According to Zarel, the error is in battledata.js:327. There are several lines of errors the moment the battle starts, and one user is...
  5. OU Cores in the BW2 Metagame

    Pretty sure the HP IVs have nothing to do with focus sash activating...If you were worried dugtrio was bulky enough to take a hit, then why 21 HP IVs instead of just 0? SR or spikes?
  6. Ask a Simple Question; Get a Simple Answer & General Resources (OU Edition)

    You would have a massive weakness to offensive rain teams if that was the case (3 water weaknesses is a lot). I would suggest pokes that can help buffer that...a solid, bulky grass type (or another water type) may help out. I'm not sure about Ferrothorn, because 3x fighting weaknesses is also...
  7. BW2 General Metagame Discussion Thread

    I think the whole scarfmoxie thing is better done by mence, cause he hits that base 100 speed tier.
  8. BW2 General Metagame Discussion Thread

    Soul dew Latias is back to help check rain offense if I'm reading this right - wonderful.
  9. Tornadus-T

    Doesn't the new thundurus form do a decent job of checking this guy? Can anyone run calcs(on my phone)? It's either him or Zapdos, since flying-fighting is a pretty terrific combo.
  10. Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Move Tutor Moves

    Doesn't Zekrom's Teravolt ability negate Multiscale? He should be able to rip right through Lugia.
  11. Imminent Big Change: Keldeo

    Ice Beam would be an amazing coverage move for Keldeo. These, off the top of my head, are the current OU pokes that resist Keldeo's STAB options: -Gyarados -Jellicent -Tentacruel -Starmie -Dragonite -Salamence -Latios -Latias -Celebi -Venusaur That's a total of 10 pokes. Keep in mind that...
  12. Counter that 'mon (a team-building game)[Team 2 VOTING]

    Scizor @ Life Orb Trait: Technician EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk) - Bullet Punch - Swords Dance - Superpower - Bug Bite Offensive LO Scizor acts as a catch all against Team 1s Terrakion, and also limits their ability to pick other team members, as this...
  13. The ladders have been reset. Here's why.

    So all those annoying as fuck spastics who request a draw and try to timestall are officially rulebreaking now? Thank you. My god those kids are annoying. "hurr durr plz ranking is important to me draw me". I will tell them to shut the fuck up, like I usually do, but now it's against the rules...
  14. Ability Tiering Thread and General Ability Discussion (Final Check)

    I think that Imposter definitely deserves its S-Ranking. The simple fact that it can turn ANY pokemon (prime example is one as useless as Ditto) into a near perfect check all revenge killer is simply phenomenal, and blows some other S-rank abilities out of the water (Sand Stream is nothing...
  15. Gen V Monotype Metagame

    Well I want to try out this tier, but I fear that drizzletoed runs everywhere, which is the main factor that made me shy away from OU. Are there any plans to actually ban some overpowered mons, or is this metagame going to stay at stagnant rainspam?
  16. Anti-Metagame: What Pokemon can stand up to weather conditions?

    Kingdra is a fantastic anti-weather poke in general. Here's the set I've personally enjoyed using: Mixed Rain Dance @Life Orb Swift Swim Mild Nature 92 Atk / 252 SpA / 164 Spe ~ Rain Dance ~ Waterfall ~ Hydro Pump ~ Draco Meteor It's taken directly from Smogon but I honestly can't find...
  17. Gen V Monotype Metagame

    Yeah, it's hard to counter water monotype while still attempting to cover other types of teams. I thought about a grass monotype as a pseudo-check to it, but you're completely susceptible to the rampant ice beams and whatnot, and you still can't deal with other major monotype threats.
  18. Gen V Monotype Metagame

    What are the rules of this metagame on the Smogon PO server? Is anything like Drizzle + SS or even just Drizzle banned? What about things like Thundurus/Blaziken as well?
  19. 5th Gen Contact Items

    I like these ideas, especially red card forry. Also, I like this jc guy.
  20. Creative (and good) Movesets (READ THE OP FIRST)

    Victrebell tends to be 100% walled by heatran but it's generally a great poke if you pair it with dugtrio or some heatran lure.