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    Songs of (Emotional) Destruction

    I like sad music. Hashtag sorry not sorry. I wanted to share with you, and hopefully you will share with me, those songs that just destroy you emotionally when you hear them. Tiger Lou's "Like My Very Own Blood" starts off innocently enough. It's doesn't sound sad, but it sure as hell doesn't...
  2. DM

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night... I spent hours upon hours today recording my own Christmas album. Yeah, I know there's a sub-forum for this, but I don't care. I want everyone to see it, listen to it, and enjoy it. Love to you all!
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    Hey, I recorded music professionally!

    Long story short: my best friend just graduated from musical production school in Chicago, and for his final project, I went out there and we recorded 3 of my songs professionally. The end result is "Symbiotic EP": Check it out if you...
  4. DM

    I made music, officially, finally My first little EP. Listen, download for free, or pay for it if you want.
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    Hey, you really don't need rules for this forum. Just read the rules for the parent forum, and you're all set. As for threads that belong here: if it's multimedia-related, this it its home. Music, movies, TV shows, etc. If you can't figure it out just by scrolling the first page, then you...
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    Shows you wish you could've seen...

    I was listening to music on the way home from work today, and it was a band that broke up years ago, and I thought... man, I wish I could've seen these guys live. And that's why I made this thread, so we can all bitch and moan over bands we'll never be able to see live ever again. The band in...
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    Yet another Toronto story...

    THERE AND BACK AGAIN Side Episode: Another Torontonian Excursion by Adam Bojak PROLOGUE: Yeah, this is super long overdue. Sorry about that! But it’s all good, because I’ll just blast through this story so I can get to the Europe story and, by glorious extension, the story to end...
  8. DM

    if you didn't notice, I'm black

    so watch it motherfuckers also I met Glen/Lord Gleen/Glennie Bravo and he is just as fucking cool as you'd think he is we spent hours discussing ways to ban all of you, so mind your step
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    The Everything NFL Thread - 2012 Season (Up til 2013 Draft)

    Teams started reporting to camp this week. New season has begun, that means we need a new thread. I'm hereby putting a moratorium on ranking players and teams for a couple weeks. I don't fucking care which QB you think is "elite" or who your top 5 long snappers are or which team may make the...
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    The Everything Eli Manning Thread - Overrated Edition

    Uh, sorry. I guess I expected WB to start the thread for the draft because he's usually been the guy who's started the threads in the past. My bad. Okay draftniks, what'd you think? Redskins Cousins WTF? Jacksonville punter 3rd round WTF? I liked the Bills draft. Solid defensive draft, plus a...
  11. DM

    Smogon VGC: Smocon 2011

    THERE AND BACK AGAIN Episode V: The Mullet Strikes Back by Adam Bojak PROLOGUE: There were a lot of storylines leading up to Nats 2011. First of all, I had a pimple on my lip that was the fucking be-all, end-all of lip pimples. It happens to me every half a year or so: I will...
  12. DM

    I wrote a poem about your haircut...

    HOLY FUCKING FUCK THESE STILL EXIST M01K9HL8Iwg p8mGh4EYtfo ELpBzFMVPFU I don't have the last line yet, but you see where it's going
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    hey Vader

    how cool are all the little buttons man there is so much more going on behind the scenes that you never know about, but now you get to seHOLY SHIT THAT'S A LOT OF DELETED AWFULNESS okay fuckers, a new old (old) sheriff is (back) in town, you're all on notice starting right now
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    Those little things we don't talk about...

    George Carlin did a bit about this: those little things in life that happen to all of us that we never talk about. I've been thinking about this a lot recently, and I wanted to share my short, but growing, list: - When you're reading something and all of a sudden you can't understand what...
  15. DM

    Warlight - aka who wants to play some goddamn RISK Sign up for this right now and play RISK on the internet with me. We can even make teams and have tournaments and shit. This is too fucking fun, I have spent hours playing the single player versions.
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    Smogon Photo Album: The New Official General Bona Fide Thread

    At long last, the NEW PHOTO ALBUM has gone live! (The old album thread, with links to even more old album crap, can be found here.) At long last, a new photo album is in the works. It isn't live yet, but those of us working on it decided that the only way to start it back up properly is to...
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    Yes, it's yet another November Theme Thread. I forgot about NaNoWriMo, and every month can be a No Fap Month, but only November can be Movember! It's pretty simple: stop shaving. Technically, the M in Movember stands for moustache, meaning you should look like Tom Selleck circa Magnum PI in...
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    Smocon '11: European Edition

    CALLING ALL SMELLY BRITS: If you don't know by now, user: Fish151PKMN and I will be traveling to the UK next month. We have both been in contact with people we know over there and have had people say we can stay with them, but we'll be there an entire week and really need to have some sort of...
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    Introduction to this Society

    I am taking a class called "Religion and the Constitution," and we recently talked about a case involving the Amish. Naturally, my mind started to drift in class and I started thinking about dating an Amish woman. What would it be like? What if she renounced her Amish life and joined me in mine...
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    The Everything NFL Offseason Thread - 2010

    Just what the title says. The Super Bowl has been determined, there is a lull in the action until the draft (unless you count the labor negotiations shenanigans), and the old thread had become pretty large and unwieldy. So how 'bout dem labor negotiations (or lack thereof)?