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  1. shade

    da letter el sucks at mafia

    but he's leader of this forum now, so u have to respect him
  2. shade

    Time to move on

    I think it is about time we advertise the circus discord channel (found here: as the official chat room for every outside communication game on this forum. This is already basically happening, but I would like to make it properly official and insist upon hosts...
  3. shade

    the name

    lets get rid of 'the competitive mafia hub' it looks and sounds pretty retarded. i'd like to just make it Circus Maximus: Forum Games or something, what are your suggestions?
  4. shade

    Entertainment Hood Pokemon: Top 7(?) Homies in the Struggle

    my idea is pretty simple, a swift bit of writing on the most ghetto pokemon around. its very difficult to provide more of a synopsis than this, because that is practically my entire idea. due to this (even though it specifically states not to) i decided to write up a short draft and add it to...
  5. shade

    dog driving saw this video of a dog driving a car and was pretty amazed so smogon i ask you: if you could train a dog to do anything, what would it be?
  6. shade

    caption this image

  7. shade

    dude - game over! viva las vegas!

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to dude! In the recent past, there was quite a lot of issues regarding the 2v1 system and its flaws. This culminated in Mekkah creating a thread declaring that the 2v1 system is dead (or should be). Whilst many of us were in agreement at the time due to the clear...
  8. shade

    World War Three Mafia - ENDGAME - Athiest Covenant win

    1848. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish The Communist Manifesto, introducing the notion of a nation owned and ruled democratically, in which everyone possesses an equal stake in society, and there is no class divide. They predicted that a revolution in which the people would overthrow the...