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  1. Pipotchi

    CAP 30 - SL Applications

    Hey, Im Pipotchi and Im applying for SL, ideally for stats, but anything barring movepool is fine. My first experience in CAP was wandering in during Volkraken's process, submitting an illegal lobster, getting disqualified and then disappearing. On the second go round, I got involved during the...
  2. Pipotchi

    CAP 30 - Framework Poll 2

    Giratina-Style Forms In-Battle Form Change Ability Weak Status Move Ability
  3. Pipotchi

    CAP 30 - Framework Poll 1

    Giratina-Style Forms In-Battle Form Change Ability Primal Weather Ability Competitive NFE/Evolution Pair Mythical Pixie Pokemon Runner-Up CAP Protean/Libero User Normal-Type CAP Weak Status Move Ability
  4. Pipotchi

    CAP 30 - Framework Submissions

    I guess I'll share my favourites too outside of Giratinas: Genie/Deoxys Forms: I like the idea of an out of battle form change. In stats there is always an argument for different routes to take, and Deoxys is an excellent opportunity to say "why not both?" and try out multiple solutions. This...
  5. Pipotchi

    CAP 30 - Framework Submissions

    Name: Giratina-style Forms Description: This CAP has an out-of-battle form change like Giratina- the form change is only accessible through holding an unremovable custom item like Griseous Orb. Restrictions: -The mons, like Giratina, will share a typing, and movepool. -The abilities can be...
  6. Pipotchi

    Metagame Workshop

    It makes it pretty impossible for people to know what the base stats should be at a glance though especially speed tiers. would be very frustrating in practice. I also dont know if the mega evolution aspect makes sense, it doesnt seem attached to the rest of the ideas.
  7. Pipotchi

    Project Player of the Week

    Howdy Whats the strongest unranked CAP? Idk how far you are into chess yet but do you have a favourite opening and/or gambit? Any thoughts on the new Voodoom changes coming up?
  8. Pipotchi

    CAP 29 - Part 15 - Post Play Lookback

    Im on board with removing extra moves, although personally I think Ice Beam is great coverage, and it can beat Garchomp anyway without it and something like Scald fishing burns would be better to chop. But if it comes down to that slate, Ill vote for removing Ice Beam and Electric coverage so...
  9. Pipotchi

    Project CAP Personal Viability Rankings

    Waking up and choosing violence S Rank: :dragapult: Dragapult :slowking: Slowking = its amazing. if ur opp brought some niche crazy slowking abuser then just press less future sight and more teleport and ur golden S- Rank: :garchomp: Garchomp - Its a good mon but King and Draga are my top 2...
  10. Pipotchi

    Metagame Sword and Shield CAP Metagame Discussion

    So recently Ive been spamming a ton of screens Cawm and I ended with this set on HO which I found to be really decent. :ss/cawmodore: Cawmodore @ Life Orb Ability: Volt Absorb EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Knock Off - Bullet Punch - Belly Drum - Drill Peck To put it simply, LO...
  11. Pipotchi

    Defunct CAP Buff 1 - Voodoom

    Sharing my replays using Voodoom so far, I didnt save some of the replays unfortunately: Voodoom has an insane matchup vs my team. Luckily it got greedy on a Cyclohm and got ohkod...
  12. Pipotchi

    CAP 29 - Part 15 - Post Play Lookback

    1) What can we learn from Chromera, its concept, and its execution? Chromera was a pretty streamlined CAP, despite its janky nature. I think thats because CAP does best with these styles of concept: focusing in on something less abstract, and with a clear defined route from the get-go. Previous...
  13. Pipotchi

    Defunct CAP Buff 1 - Voodoom - Minor Changes Poll 1

    No Minor Buffs + Sucker Punch + 20 SpD I dont like +20spd or anything below it, but I figured its better than the others
  14. Pipotchi

    CAP 29 - Part 12 - Pokedex Poll 3

    Pipotchi StephXPM MrDollSteak
  15. Pipotchi

    CAP 29 - Part 14 - Shiny Palette Poll 3

    SuessMD Tommaniacal Scizivire all very nice :)
  16. Pipotchi

    CAP 29 - Part 12 - Pokedex Poll 2

    Pipotchi StephXPM Binacleisthebest Shadowshocker StarFalcon555 Explosion Badger MrDollSteak TheCV
  17. Pipotchi

    CAP 29 - Part 14 - Shiny Palette Poll 2

    SuessMD Tommaniacal Scizivire
  18. Pipotchi

    Defunct CAP Buff 1 - Voodoom

    Im in the same boat. I thought it already had Sucker Punch and I saw it as a decent way to threaten a couple mons with Dragapult being the obvious standout when its running a LO. Apart from that I think I'll be voting for No Minor Buffs because they seem unnecessary and land in weird fields...
  19. Pipotchi

    Defunct CAP Buff 1 - Voodoom - Major Changes Poll 2

    +25 Sp. Atk apparently mega launcher isnt as op as i thought but... i think 25 spa is still the best route for B/C tiering
  20. Pipotchi

    CAP 29 - Part 12 - Pokedex Submissions

    just heads up, you shouldnt capitalize the mons name like that or itll be disqualified. also make sure you write " Pokémon " on the first and 2nd line so it can go through also