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    SS OU Swampert + Bisharp Bulky Offense

    :swsh/swampert: Swampert + Bisharp Bulky Offense :swsh/bisharp: :swampert: :bisharp: :dragapult: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :zapdos: :rillaboom: (Click for importable) This team aims to highlight the offensive breaking power of banded bisharp, as well as it's synergy with swampert which acts...
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    SS OU Double Ground Stall

    Double Ground Stall :swsh/clefable::swsh/landorus-therian: :swsh/ferrothorn: :swsh/hippowdon: :swsh/mandibuzz: :swsh/slowking-galar: Built this team in mind of trying to make a usable stall team in the current hyper offensive metagame, which i believe i accomplished to some success, here's a...
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    Your New Year's Resolutions For 2021

    Fairly simple - Start working out at least once a week - Putting more effort into schoolwork - Stop putting things off
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    Appreciation Threads Appreciation Thread

    This new concept has revolutionized the Smogoff landscape, it can't get much better than this.
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    SS OU Claydol Balance

    :swsh/clefable: :swsh/magnezone: :swsh/toxapex: :swsh/claydol: :swsh/dragapult: :swsh/guzzlord: Introduction: This was my first post-dlc team, my goal was to try my best to create a balance team in this chaotic hyper offensive metagame. Claydol is the main star of the team, having a good...
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    Done Update Gravity's description

    Currently, Gravity's description only says that all ground immunities are negated, but another big aspect of gravity is the boost in accuracy to pokemon. While gravity does have a few other effects, i feel like the 5/3 (or 66.66%) boost in accuracy should be stated as well.
  7. M24

    Pending Give a pm message if the chat subject has returned online.

    So this is a slight problem that happens a lot while playing scheduled games, while wanting to send a message to someone that is offline, you cannot send a message or send a battle request until they have come back online, which makes you periodically check under the players online tab every 10...
  8. M24

    Pending Change the classification of Generation 8's evolution items

    This is a fairly simple request, inside the teambuilder generation 8's evolution items are still classified under the "items" tab, while other evolutionary items from preceding generations are under the "Useless Items" Tab, this also applies to the generation 8's fossils. Unless I'm missing...
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    Pending Change Pursuit's description

    This is a fairly simple suggestion, but I'd like to propose a slight change to Pursuit's current description when searched for with /dt. This description can slightly mislead new players into thinking that all that pursuit does is double in power if the opponent switches, and doesn't precise...