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  1. Magnum

    WIP The King

    :bw/nidoking: [OVERVIEW] Nidoking's excellent offensive typing combined with its ability Sheer Force and solid coverage turns it into a very powerful wallbreaker in the UnderUsed tier. With powerful STAB moves in Sludge Wave and Earth Power, as well as great coverage options in Ice Beam...
  2. Magnum

    Project OU Break This Core! - Round Five: Weavile and Tapu Koko!

    Approved by OU Mods, tysm! OU Break This Core! hosted by Magnum and Tysonslayer! INCREDIBLE art by cleffa! please go check out their art thread here! Hello and welcome to OU Break This Core! Pokemon rely on offensive and defensive synergy to function. Cores of Pokemon are units within...
  3. Magnum

    Quality Control Dragonite [QC 1/3]

    :bw/dragonite: [Overview] Thanks to the amazing combination of Heavy Duty Boots and Multiscale, Dragonite is able to perform a wide variety of roles on a team thus making it a great pick in OU. With access to Roost and Heal Bell, as well as an array of offensive moves it can use with it's...
  4. Magnum

    Project UU Matchmaking v4 - Week 17: Azumarill (Submissions!)

    thank you UU mods for approving this! Opening written by me! UU MATCHMAKING V4 Art made by the magnificent lydian! Thank you again, it's great! Ciao! (That’s hello in Italian c;) and Welcome to the Underused Matchmaking Project! I’ll be your host, Earl E. Bird :archeops: and I’m glad to be...
  5. Magnum

    Copyediting Haxorus [QC: 3/3] [GP: 0/2]

    :SS/Haxorus: [OVERVIEW] Haxorus is a solid wallbreaker in the UU tier, thanks to it's monstrous base 147 attack, good speed tier which lets it outspeed offensive threats like Krookodile, Gyarados, and Kommo-o , as well as a powerful STAB Outrage hitting common defensive Pokemon like Tangrowth...
  6. Magnum

    Resource [NEW!!] UU Team Bazaar

    Approved by Lilburr | Hosted by Magnum and Bandkrook | Chowder-themed art by A Cake Wearing A Hat | OP taken from the previous one hosted by Cake Hey there! Welcome to the Sword and Shield UU Team Bazaar! This thread will serve as a more casual way to drop new teams you've been building than...