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  1. Tuthur

    Metagame NP: ZU Stage 6 - Centiskorch Banned

    No Pokemon should be a staple on every team. Tangela would still be an excellent physical wall without GroundVally, however right now, it feels mandatory. Without Silvally-Ground, you would be more free with your physical wall choice, whereas rn you're forced into running Tangela or inferior...
  2. Tuthur

    Project ZU Player of the Week - a fruitshop owner

    If you could change anything to SM ZU, what would it be? Have you followed the recent discussions on Alcremie and Silvally-Ground? If yes, what's your opinion on the matter, should you have one? Favorite fruit? (pretty sure tons of people have already asked this)
  3. Tuthur

    Metagame NP: ZU Stage 6 - Centiskorch Banned

    Not gonna lie, I am surprised by the pro-ban Alcremie and anti-ban Silvally-Ground movement in this thread and on discord. Alcremie :ss/alcremie: Some people have found Alcremie to be too hard to prepare for since Garbodor and Centiskorch left. While I agree these two Pokemon were great checks...
  4. Tuthur

    warum nicht?

    warum nicht?
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  6. Tuthur

    Tournament ZU Classic III - Won by DnB

    Congrats to DnB for winning the BW Cup, and also thanks to everyone who participated in the tour.
  7. Tuthur

    Done [ZU] Rapidash / Galopa 1/1

    Merci, je vais le faire asap n_n La Vitesse fulgurante de Galopa, son accès à de bonnes attaques de couverture ainsi qu’à une attaque de statut en font un revenge killer solide et l’un des meilleurs Pokémon utilitaires offensifs du métagame et fonctionne parfaitement dans les équipes Balance...
  8. Tuthur

    Who tf are you lmao

    Who tf are you lmao
  9. Tuthur

    ZU Rapidash [GP: 1/1]

    frick Jojos , ZU spotlights translations are mine :psyangry: Rapidash's blazing speed and access to both great coverage and status moves I'd also mention it's great typing as there aren't many fire types in zu and rapidash is the only one with recovery make it a solid revenge killer and one of...
  10. Tuthur

    Resource Réserver un Spotlight

    le zu c'est à moi
  11. Tuthur

    ZU Silvally-Ground [QC: 1/1] [GP: 0/1]

    Silvally-Ground cements itself as one of the best offensive threats in ZU thanks to its solid Speed tier and strong Multi-Attack letting it handle common foes such as Qwilfish and Rhydon. Silvally-Ground's coverage options makes it difficult for its checks to consistently switch in, with...
  12. Tuthur

    Tournament ZU Classic III - Won by DnB

    Finals BloodAce vs DnB Deadline is 1st August 10 pm GMT.
  13. Tuthur

    RestTalk + Sheer Cold Kyogre [qc 0/2]

    According to the AG QC team this set is no longer really viable in the current metagame, so this analysis is getting locked.
  14. Tuthur

    Monotype [Mono Dragon] Dragapult / Lanssorien [GP1/1]

    Dragapult @ Choice Scarf Ability: Infiltrator EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Dragon Darts - Phantom Force - U-turn - Will-O-Wisp Le Speed tier incroyable de Lanssorien couplé à un Mouchoir Choix en fait un revenge killer puissant et supersonique, dépassant des Pokémon comme...
  15. Tuthur

    OM SS NFE - Mr. Mime-Galar Voting

    Mr. Mime-Galar: Ban
  16. Tuthur

    Project Personal ZU Viability Rankings

    Gotta revive this by posting my votes for the last VR update. S :silvally: Silvally-Ground A+ :alcremie: Alcremie :kangaskhan: Kangaskhan :jynx: Jynx :rotom: Rotom :sandslash-alola: Sandslash-Alola :sawk: Sawk :silvally: Silvally-Dark :tangela: Tangela A :articuno: Articuno :frosmoth...
  17. Tuthur

    Project ZU Player of the Week - Apagogie

    Who even likes sugary tomato sauce? If you could drop any Pokemon to ZU which one would it be and why? If you could drop any unreleased Pokemon to ZU which one would it be and why? If you could give any move to a Pokemon currently in ZU which Pokemon and move would it be and why? Same question...
  18. Tuthur

    Multi-gen NFEPL V - Player Signups

    Username: Tuthur Tiers played: SS (need teambuilding support), idm learning another gen. Activity issues: i'll be away for one week in early August. Timezone: +2
  19. Tuthur

    Resource Réserver un Spotlight

    Lanssorien le Dragon
  20. Tuthur

    Ubers Necrozma Crinière du Couchant / Necrozma-Dusk Mane (1/1)

    Après le bannissement de Zacian, Necrozma-CC a trouvé de quoi développer de nouveaux sets. L'un des plus populaires est le set défensif spécial, qui utilise son type Acier rare et son bulk pour check des menaces telles que Xerneas et Ethernatos défensif. Ce qui distingue ce set des autres est...