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  1. Heysup

    XY LC Three Birds, One Cup: Missy Era BirdSpam

    Posting this at the request of Corporal Levi Disclaimer: This may not have been the best variant of this team and this team may not be 100% accurate since I'm doing it from bits and pieces of memory and replays, but it's still close. There was another one with Dwebble I think. This team...
  2. Heysup

    Heysup's 6K and SPL Team Dump

    macle approve dis History Lesson: I started on this site 100 years ago when I was mostly lurking the ADV forum and eventually spamming ADV and DPP RMTs to get approval. I then eventually fell into LC somehow on Doug's Shoddy Battle server. I worked with the mods on the LC forums who got it...
  3. Heysup

    LC Onix

    Overview ######## Onix is a niche Pokemon thanks to its unique stats and ability. Due to its Speed, it functions differently from Geodude, as it can Taunt and KO Pokemon faster than Geodude can. This is important when dealing with Sticky Web and Shell Smashers. Compared to Archen and other...
  4. Heysup

    Bellsprout (QC 1/3)

    Overview ######## Bellsprout has resumed its role of fast and frail Chlorophyll sweeper in Little Cup. There are bulkier Chlorophyll Pokemon such as Exeggcute and Oddish, but they lack some key offensive elements. Growth and Weather Ball make a Special Attack-based Bellsprout more threatening...
  5. Heysup

    Freed Pokemon

    This thread for discussing formerly Ubers Gen 5 Pokemon that are getting freed with the release of Gen 6. Carvanha Meditite Gligar Scyther Sneasel Tangela Vulpix Yanma Carvanha Base Stats: 45 HP / 90 Atk / 20 Def / 65 SpA / 20 SpD / 65 Spe Ability: Speed Boost Opinion: Carvanha has always had...
  6. Heysup

    BW UU Darmanation (Peaked #1)

    DARMANATION Introduction After being #1 on the ladder for the majority of the round I kind of felt like it would be a waste to not post this team for others to use, see, and critique (/shameless bragging). It, like most of my teams, involves Spike stacking offense. I also came across a...
  7. Heysup

    Sceptile (3/3)

    [Overview] - Fast, strong, and not particularly frail. - Mono Grass-typing is pretty solid defensively. - Decent Special movepool - Great physical movepool - did i mention fast. [SET] name: Substitute + Leech Seed move 1: Leech Seed move 2: Substitute move 3: Giga Drain /...
  8. Heysup


    [Overview] <p>Rotom is a unique Pokemon not only because of its typing, but because of its versatility. It's fast and can quickly become a huge threat with a Substitute up. With a moderate SpA stat and STAB Thunderbolt paired with STAB Shadow Ball, Rotom can plow through a lot of teams. Not...
  9. Heysup


    [Overview] <p>Medicham is known for its ability, Pure Power, which doubles its Attack stat. Its Adamant Choice Band-boosted Hi Jump Kick is the hardest-hitting attack in RU, capable of OHKOing resistant Pokemon such as Alakazam as well as almost everything that does not resist it. With such...
  10. Heysup


    I'm basically updating the whole thing since..yea. Changes from old one: -slight edits in non-set oriented sets -revamped the sets [Overview] <p>Drilbur is one of the premier sandstorm sweepers. Both of his abilities, Sand Rush and Sand Force, can be used for sweeping. Sand Rush doubles...
  11. Heysup

    Fighting Onslaught

    Fighting Onslaught Yea yea I know all my teams look alike fuck you. I've been using this team for a while, and it peaked #3 or #4 (don't remember how many fucking WhiteQueen alts were in front of me). It really showed how you don't need to use hail to win in this metagame...but it sure is...
  12. Heysup


    Hiyah! [Overview] Recklessness boosted Hi Jump Kick. Enough said. I guess I'll say more...VERY frail physically. Cool Speed stat 273 adamant 300 jolly (outpaces neutral 100s) Priority Needs Pursuit badly. Compared to Heracross, 25% more powerful STAB and coverage move, faster, and has...
  13. Heysup


    [Overview] <p>Froslass is known for being the only Ghost-type that can also set up Spikes. Her incredible Speed ensures that Froslass will set up multiple layers and helps her make great use of moves such as Taunt. Froslass also has access to the psuedo-recovery move Pain Split and a great...
  14. Heysup


    [SET] name: Big Bad Medicham [Overview] <p>Medicham is known for its ability, Pure Power, which doubles its Attack stat. This makes its Adamant, Choice Band-boosted Hi Jump Kick the hardest hitting attack in UU. It's capable of OHKOing Pokemon such as Milotic and even those that resist it...
  15. Heysup


    I guess it just got old. Was really fun earlier in the metagame though. This team thrives against offense and balance but can't really break stall that easily. The basic strategy is to get hazards up and get Escavalier in to shoot Megahorns to wear down the Bug resists. Once the counters were...
  16. Heysup


    [Overview] <p>Escavalier is known for its incredibly powerful STAB Megahorn and bulky defenses-- with a Choice Band, Escavalier has over 600 Attack. Nothing is switching safely into Escavalier without a Bug resistance and top-notch defensive stats, making Pokemon that can repeatedly check it...
  17. Heysup

    Staryu (Eviolite Special Attacker)

    [SET] name: Eviolite Sweeper move 1: Hydro Pump move 2: Thunderbolt move 3: Hidden Power Fire move 4: Recover item: Eviolite ability: Natural Cure nature: Timid evs: 36 HP / 200 SpA / 240 Spe [SET COMMENTS] <p>This is one of Staryu's most versatile sets due to its mixed offensive and...
  18. Heysup

    Gen IV UU Important Reminder! (SHORT BUT IMPORTANT READ)

    I posted this in the LC forum and it helped a little bit and I'm noticing the exact same problem in this forum, particularly numbers 2 and 3.
  19. Heysup


    WE ARE ALMOST DONE. I just wanted to remind everyone a few things that are for whatever reason not being done and are significantly slowing down the process and wasting our precious time. 1. REMEMBER to WRITE the analysis after it passes QC. Turning a skeleton into an analysis takes little...
  20. Heysup

    Little Cup Banlist (19/11/2010)

    Pokemon: Scyther Tangela Yanma Sneasel Items: Berry Juice Please make sure your analyses are free of anything that has been banned.