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  1. Hollymon

    Hollymon' Fakemon

    Hey everyone! I decided to start a new thread for my fakemon! Hope you like them, I will be posting regularly! Did them in my CAP entry style, feedback appreciated! Pomling the Apple Bird Fakemon Grass/Flying Overgrow/Harvest Slink the Fur Coat Fakemon Water/Ice Torrent/Fur Coat Doornicle...
  2. Hollymon

    Conkeldurr & Co.

    --------------THE TEAM--------------- Hello I have been playing with this team for a month or so and it is my first OU team. I am kinda a newbie to competitive battling but I wanted to give it a go. This team has seen a lot of tweaks with new pokemon being introduced and different items, moves...
  3. Hollymon

    Robot Wars!!

    If you are a Britain like me, you may have come across a programme called Robot Wars. It involves hundreds of roboteers pitting their very own robot against others until there is a winner in the Grand Final. Weapons included spinning discs, flippers, axes and many others and there were 7 series...
  4. Hollymon

    Hollymon's Art

    Hollymon's Art Taking Requests Welcome to my art thread. I use my iPad, pencils and more recently a graphic tablet for my work and although its pretty bad at the moment, I hope you enjoy my art! There are two rules to this thread. 1: Do not use my art without asking for permission from me 2...