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  1. Megas for All Art Project

    Might be too late, but here's a Mega Rapidash: The idea was that little puffs of fire continuously come from the wings n stuff
  2. Shiny Charm and Masuda Method

    Updated post #316 and spreadsheet. no sparkles obtained.
  3. Shiny Charm and Masuda Method

    Just got shiny charm, I pledge 100 eggs for Vulpix. (First time MM) EDIT: done, will start on next batch. ENG Vulpix / JPN Delphox 1-100: 0 shinies 101-200: 0 shinies 201-300: 0 shinies 301-400: 0 shinies 401-500: 0 shinies ENG Feebas / JPN Squirtle 1-100: ?