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  1. Pyritie

    [SPOILERS] USUM Speculation & Discussion

    thread approved by blarajan New Pokemon: ====== 804 - Naganadel (UB Adhesive's evolution) ====== Base Stats: 073/073/073/127/073/121 (BST: 540) Ability: Beast Boost Type: Poison / Dragon - Air Cutter - Dragon Pulse - Peck - Growl - Helping Hand - Acid 7 Fury Attack 13...
  2. Pyritie

    pyritie's junk

    hi I was told to make an art thread so here it is I haven't drawn much pokemon stuff recently though did these recently: some older stuff from last year or two: if you want to make them I sell their patterns on my etsy also I like art trades here are my sites...
  3. Pyritie

    VGC 2017 Regionals - Sheffield, UK - May 4th-5th When: May 4th - 5th Where: International Hall, Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheaf Street S1, Sheffield...
  4. Pyritie

    VGC 17 Alolan Raichu

    [OVERVIEW] * Alolan Raichu's high Speed and access to Fake Out make it a natural supporter to generate free turns for its teammates. * Its unique ability, Surge Surfer, lets Alolan Raichu outspeed almost every single other Pokemon in the metagame under Electric Terrain, ensuring it will always...
  5. Pyritie

    VGC 17 Goodra

    [OVERVIEW] * Goodra possesses titanic special bulk that lets it even take boosted super effective special attacks and retaliate back. * Its massive movepool makes it very customizable to take on Pokemon the rest of its team is weak to. * Goodra is also an effective check against most forms of...
  6. Pyritie

    VGC 17 Pelipper

    [OVERVIEW] * Pelipper is a good rain setter either on a dedicated rain duo or by itself due to its typing and movepool, and it can also be used to eliminate opposing weather. * It has good dual STAB moves in Scald and Hurricane, keeping it a threat instead of something your opponent can ignore...
  7. Pyritie

    VGC16 Yveltal

    [OVERVIEW] Yveltal fills a unique offensive support role unlike any other restricted Pokemon in the format. Its offensive power is hard to check, as there are not many popular Pokemon that resist Dark-type moves, and it can OHKO bulky Trick Room setters such as Bronzong and Cresselia. Yveltal...
  8. Pyritie

    Post-worlds trends

    Now that worlds is over and the top cut wasn't dominated like big 6 like we had all feared, what sort of trends do you think will continue throughout the rest of the year until the format changes in january? Besides the obvious rush of everyone copying wolfe's team I mean.
  9. Pyritie

    Worlds is now closed to the general public

    Just posting this here for more visibility: This is a disaster for anyone who's booked a flight or hotel, as those two are nearly always nonrefundable, and only giving 8 days notice is extremely...
  10. Pyritie

    Bronzong (QC 2/2) (GP 2/2)

    skeleton: [OVERVIEW] One of the best trick room setters Resists xerneas' STAB moves and can hit it back hard Main reason to use bronzong over cresselia is the steel typing Is immune to both of primal groudon's STABs in heavy rain Has many useful support moves, such as skill swap, safeguard...
  11. Pyritie

    Team Report - 4-2 at Manchester Midseason Showdown

    Disclaimer: although I won 4 matches and lost 2, I circled the wrong thing during round four and accidentally reported a win as a loss, so officially I went 3-3 and came 24th. But if you took my resistance and put it next to the other 4-2's, I came around 14th. There were 40 people total at the...
  12. Pyritie

    2016 March International Challenge

    Another international challenge, same rules and everything as last time. Registration Period: March 17th - March 24th Battle Period: March 25th - March 27th Annoyingly, it's over easter weekend. Discuss!
  13. Pyritie

    [Online Competition] Festive Feud

    Summary: Triple battle competition Only red, white, and green pokemon are allowed! (Complete list here) 10 battles per day Normal battle spot rules otherwise (item clause, no legendaries, etc) Pentagon is required Prize for completing at least 3 battles is a special Delibird that knows Happy...
  14. Pyritie

    Pikachu Cup [Online Competition]

    This is now playable on Pokemon Showdown! Mono-electric doubles tournament! Summary: - Zapdos, Raikou, Arceus-Electric, Thundurus (both formes), and Zekrom are banned - Pikachu is not required, but if it makes it into the top 3 then everyone gets a "special prize" (Pikachu knowing...
  15. Pyritie

    Super Speed Double Battle

    Surprised there hasn't been a thread for this yet. Sign-ups end on the 7th August, the tournament is the weekend after 3v3 doubles with no team preview 20 seconds per turn to select moves and stuff Standard battle spot banlist, stuff from gen 5 is allowed. 10 minutes per battle No team...
  16. Pyritie

    Eevee Friendly

    Copied and pasted: In the Eevee Friendly, only Eevee and its Evolutions can participate in exciting Rotation Battles! Participants will also receive a participation prize of 1,000 Poké Miles! • Players who have been disqualified from the rankings will not be able to receive the prize. •...
  17. Pyritie

    Season 4 Special Battle changed to Inverse Battles

    Posted this in the inverse battle thread in the other metagames forum but I figured it was worth mentioning it here too. Hope this is the right place to post about it!
  18. Pyritie

    Elemental Gems

    You might've seen these things in caves from those dust clouds. What I've understood from a translator is that these things up the power of any move of a certain type once (consumable). (Dunno what %) I don't think this will be very useful except for maybe one move - explosion. If this thing...