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  1. Aaronboyer

    Resource USUM PU Viability Rankings

    Cradily C+ --> C Tangela C --> C+ I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner, but Cradily and Tangela really need to swap places on the Viability Rankings. Cradily has really had no true niche for itself this generation, and I think this is because of strange dual-typing and general inability to...
  2. Aaronboyer

    The ZU Open: Round 4

    Jynx has been quickbanned but will remain legal for the remainder of Round 4
  3. Aaronboyer

    The ZU Open: Round 4

    HJAD Chloe Silvally-Ghost is actually PU by usage, so your series is rewinded back to 1-0 in HJAD’s favor. Please try to finish the remainder of the series as soon as you can. An extension can be granted if you need it.
  4. Aaronboyer

    Small Objective Changes - (Typos, Poor Wording, Etc.) Set Details Telepathy is the best ability pre-Mega Evolution because it prevents ability thiefs such as Ditto from abusing Pure Power before Medicham Mega Evolves. I'm fairly sure thiefs should be thieves Team Options Entry hazard support...
  5. Aaronboyer

    Project PU Battle Of the Week [Week 4: Nomination Stage]

    GenZeon RawMelon Jklioe
  6. Aaronboyer

    Metagame np: USM PU Stage 3: Recovery [Magmortar Suspect Test]

    Electivire is unviable to the point of it being unranked. I don’t know what you mean by Electivire being a solid mon, but the clear lack of checks to Magmortar is the reason for its suspect, regardless of how much the metagame would change as long as it’s for the favor of the metagame. (The loss...
  7. Aaronboyer

    The ZU Open: Round 4

    aGroove gets activity over Cynde HJAD activity over Snowy Tagging: aGroove HJAD Quantum Tesseract Chloe Sorry for being late on this. Deadline is Friday
  8. Aaronboyer

    Yum or Yuck - USUM PU Edition (New rule first post)

    Wormadam-Trash (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Overcoat EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA Modest Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Quiver Dance - Rest - Sleep Talk - Bug Buzz
  9. Aaronboyer

    NUPL VI: Player Sign-ups

    Player Name: Aaronboyer Tiers Played: ADV NU, USUM NU Timezone: GMT -6 Availability: Open Calendar
  10. Aaronboyer

    The ZU Open: Round 4

    Just a reminder to those with Round 3 Extensions that tier changes don’t come into effect until you begin playing your Round 4 matches.
  11. Aaronboyer

    OM 1v1 Spring Seasonal - Round 6

    lost against QT 1-3 ggs
  12. Aaronboyer

    The ZU Open: Round 4

    Approved by Quite Quiet Artwork by Aaronboyer Welcome to the first edition of the ZU Open! ZU, or Zero Used, is the newest official Other Meta and is the unofficial tier below PU. The idea of a new Smogon tier has been entertained since XY, when it was still named FU, and this tier is a...
  13. Aaronboyer

    The ZU Open: Round Three

    Extensions: Finchinator vs. SCHEFF blalib vs. Xayah Ed vs. ilesaural HJAD vs. Snowy Realistic Waters vs. KyogreF4N aGroove vs. Cynde Megazard vs. Fantos13 Sam I Yam vs. Hassin627 NeverUsedTier vs. Tack :] Round 4 up soon
  14. Aaronboyer

    Tournament The PU Low-Budget Tournament - won by Lugia Proto

    Lost 2-0 against ProtoLugia, Congrats on winning. Game 1 luck was not in my favor and Game 2 was a bad matchup for me, but it was a fun series and I've really enjoyed playing. Thanks to everyone who has helped me test, build, given me teams, etc. You guys rock. Expect a huge creative sets post...
  15. Aaronboyer

    The ZU Open: Round Three

    To address to recent tier changes. Jynx, Lycanroc, Shuckle, Alolan Dugtrio, and all other drops are not usable until Round 4. Vice versa, Stoutland, Ursaring and Silvally-Fairy are still legal for Round 3 as well.
  16. Aaronboyer

    Metagame ZU [Barriers - Musharna suspect @ post 62]

    Another tournament coming your way...
  17. Aaronboyer

    Lower Tier Stadium - Signups

  18. Aaronboyer

    Like maybe Sunday?

    Like maybe Sunday?
  19. Aaronboyer

    That's a really long time away. Can you play any sooner?

    That's a really long time away. Can you play any sooner?
  20. Aaronboyer

    When would you like to play for PU Budget finals? I am GMT -6.

    When would you like to play for PU Budget finals? I am GMT -6.