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  1. Katy

    You can't fire me, I quit.

    thanks Kiyo and gratz Eternally. :]
  2. Katy

    Announcement Nayrz is sole tier leader

    thank you for all the work you have done, Hack and congratz Nayrz :]
  3. Katy

    Metagame np: USM PU Stage 3: Recovery [Magmortar Suspect Test]

    Since alot of stuff already being said here i still wanna give my thoughts on Magmortar: Magmortar is a powerful special attacker, which has lacks of switchins, things as AV Lanturn are one of the switchins (the very few ones) i can think of. Being able to run alot of things like AV, Scarf...
  4. Katy

    Usage-Based Tier Update for April 2018

    I guess Mega Houndoom in itself is already really or maybe too good for RU. I dont see it around there for a long time. Statwise it isnt bad also the crazy speed and 140 spatt is just too much and it hits with good coverage almost everything neutral and at +2 u have no switchin to 115 speed...
  5. Katy

    USUM UU Viability Ranking Thread V2

    Hello, I think you underestimate Zoroark a bit with simply saying Illusion is a meme. It has a role imho due to that in the UU tier. Also the fact it gets a wide movepool helps it out. Nasty Plot and also SD are great setup moves, bringing you to a +2 and moves like Sludge Bomb, Flamethrwer and...
  6. Katy

    Smogon Premier League 9 - Finals [Won by the Wi-fi Wolfpack]

    Gratz Wolfpack to the win - awesome games by both teams :]
  7. Katy

    grats finch :]

    grats finch :]
  8. Katy

    unfort, but school's important, anyway keep up the good lives, i rly enjoy them :]

    unfort, but school's important, anyway keep up the good lives, i rly enjoy them :]
  9. Katy

    hey, i like your lives, when's the next one comin' up,? :]

    hey, i like your lives, when's the next one comin' up,? :]
  10. Katy

    Resource USUM OU ULTRA Viability Ranking Thread

    I also disagree with a drop on KyuBlack, KyuBlack is one of the mons thats hard to switchin to. Nice Dual Stab coverage, being able to hit a large portion of the mons currently is really great on it. Also the LO sets hit really hard with coverage moves like EPower and HP Fire. Roost giving it...
  11. Katy

    Resource RU Viability Rankings - V2

    I agree on a Mega Blastoise rise. It has the bulk to withstand moves. It supports the team pretty well with rapid spinning hazards like webs away. Has a a large viable movepool to profit from and can fit on imho alot of playstyles. I disagree on a drop, i used moltres alot in sun and i think...
  12. Katy

    Resource RU Viability Rankings - V2

    I agree with a shaymin rise - not only the offensive capabtabilities are there but also a huge supportive one. Being able not only to offensively pressure mons with a very good movepool such as epower, seed flare and hp fire / psychic but it is also able to have supportive measures, such as...
  13. Katy

    Project RU Best Next Thing (Cycle 10: Salazzle) [hiatus]

    Salazzle (F) @ Choice Specs Ability: Corrosion EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Dragon Pulse - Hidden Power [Grass] - Sludge Wave - Fire Blast Specs Salazzle with Sludge Wave and Fire Blast dual stab which hits alot of mons hard in the RU tier. HP Grass...
  14. Katy

    NP: NU Stage 6 - Fn Pig (Emboar banned from NU)

    Finally the Hidden Abilities are released. For Inceneroar i personally see this set puttin' in alot of work in the NU tier: Incineroar @ Firium Z / Incinium Z Ability: Intimidate EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Swords Dance - Darkest Lariat / Knock Off - Flare Blitz -...
  15. Katy

    Project RU Best Next Thing (Cycle 10: Salazzle) [hiatus]

    king wynauts set - gimme some nice miracle eys!
  16. Katy


  17. Katy

    Metagame np: USUM DOU Stage 2 - Fat Bottomed Girls

    I'm gonna disagree with your thoughts on Snorlax posing a little threat. It wouldnt have been suspected at first place if it wouldnt pose a little to no threat in the DOU metagame. The fact that not alot of solid snorlax revenge killers exist right now and some of them running fighting coverage...
  18. Katy

    gratz on the badge :]

    gratz on the badge :]
  19. Katy

    Resource USM Ubers Viability Ranking Thread (March Update - #88)

    Hello, i kinda feel, your A- nom kinda really pushes it over the edge, while i agree, Mewtwo isnt a bad pokemon, but it has to deal with alot of A- to S rankers aka Yveltal and as I see decent amount of Scarfed Yveltals lately and also sash marshadow started to become popular it has to deal with...