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  1. Joe Career

    Resource RU Viability Rankings - V2

    Disagree with this Donphan nom. Pretty much every single point made on Donphan is done by Gligar, who also has access to recovery, taunt, immunity to toxic, and u-turn for pivoting. The only real different thing donphan has going for it over gligar to is a ridiculous priority in the form of ice...
  2. Joe Career

    Usage-Based Tier Update for April 2018

    Mega Camerupt was horrible.
  3. Joe Career

    Metagame np: USM PU Stage 3: Recovery [Magmortar Suspect Test]

    This post doesn't make any sense. Magmortar has the exact same defenses as Electivire, except SpD, which is higher (not that that matters anyway since both are primarily offensive mons). Also, you don't ban a mon to a higher tier, you ban it to a ban list, this case being BL4. And actually...
  4. Joe Career

    USM NU Theorymons

    Blastoise + Shell Smash Camerupt + Slack Off I'd also like to nominate Scrafty + Sucker Punch for the next slate.
  5. Joe Career

    The Heart of the Cards - Gen 7 Edition (Slate #9: Blissey, Claydol, Ampharos (Submission Phase))

    Gonna give this a try with Ampharos! Move Name: Thunder Rod Appearance In The TCG: Ampharos-EX (Ancient Origins 27) Base Power: -- Power Points: 5 (max. 8) Accuracy: --% (self-inflicted, so never misses) Elemental Type: Electric Damage Category: Status Effect description: The user restores its...
  6. Joe Career

    Metagame Middle Cup [Conversion Banned!]

    Due to the lack of a 'simple questions, simple answers' thread, I'm just going to say it here. I would love to see a Middle Cup competition with the LC Ubers mons (mons banned from LC). Is such a thing even viable? How would it play out? Thanks in advance.
  7. Joe Career

    Alola Formes V3

    I vote Stitch98 as well!
  8. Joe Career

    Alola Formes V3

    Can I vote for myself? Seems cheap. Venusaur line: Origin0 Charizard line: Origin0, Stitch98 Blastoise line: Origin0, Stitch 98 Beedrill line: Origin0, Unlimited Breadsticks Butterfree line: Origin0, me
  9. Joe Career

    Resource SM RU Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    How is Trick Room as a playstyle in general in RU? If I want to make a Trick Room team to play, where would be the best place to start? Also, what happened to Kingdra? Did it drop or not? It wasn't included in the new VR changes but I thought I saw somewhere that it had dropped back to BL3.
  10. Joe Career

    Data Official Smogon University Usage Statistics Discussion Thread, mk.3

    Antar you are a hard working individual and we all root for you. You are a good person and a lovable individual. Don't give up!! We know you can do it. Sometimes we seem impatient but without you none of this would work so actually we're very proud and grateful to you. Thank you for everything...
  11. Joe Career

    SM UU Simple Questions Thread
  12. Joe Career

    Alola Formes V3

    Taking a break from lurking and just having some fun for a change. So here's the Butterfree line.
  13. Joe Career

    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon In-Game Discussion

    It's an event. Check serebii.
  14. Joe Career

    Metagame USUM PU Discussion Thread

    Will either Strength Sap Jumpluff or Victreebel be of any relevance?
  15. Joe Career

    Resource PU Simple Question, Simple Answers Thread

    Seems so niche, does it really warrant it a place in the VR?
  16. Joe Career

    Resource PU Simple Question, Simple Answers Thread

    What is Lycanroc-Midnight's niche? What am I to do with it that I can't do with Lycanroc-Midday already? I guess 100% accurate Stone Edges are nice but it doesn't seem quite worth missing out on superior speed and priority.
  17. Joe Career

    Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer (NU Edition)

    The role compendium is missing Scrafty as a DDance in "Other boosters". To ask a question, what Z-move boosting set does Medicham have? Never seen it.
  18. Joe Career

    Resource SM RU Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Curious as to why Goodra and Slowbro dropped in the VR recently. What changed for them?
  19. Joe Career

    Resource PU Simple Question, Simple Answers Thread

    What are Pidgeot's and Fearow's niches in this meta? Surprised to see them so high on the VR.