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  1. Abomasnow

    Abomasnow received Soundproof because the pokemon itself and loud noises both cause avalanches, mmmk?
  2. Lanturn

    Agility LO Sweeper Lanturn @ Life Orb Volt Absorb Modest EVs: 4 Def/252SpA/252Spe (May require tweaking) Hydro Pump Thunderbolt Ice Beam Agility Used to occasional success in 4th Gen OU, switch in on Starmie/Rotom-W/pretty much any bulky water not named Swampert, Agility on the...
  3. What Pokemon has had the most effect on the OU metagame?

    Other: Latias, for the Dragon/Steel centralisation while it was OU Things that are still OU, either Celebi(got pursuit? cos you've got no idea what this thing might be running) or Blissey, for being Blissey.
  4. Middle Cup Discussion Thread

    Golbat w/NP and Giga Drain could also wreck Marshtomp, not just Rhyperior. Also Occa Metang may be viable to get around all the nasty EQers, just theorymon so far though
  5. Middle Cup Discussion Thread

    Stone Edge misses. Also you have already stated you'd be using that turn to setup, this being most of the point of switching into Golbat. Please be consistent in your argument?