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  1. TriNitroToluene (#1)

    Great team once again Dezza! I remember battling against you on PO while you were using this team. This team makes sand look like a joke. Very well put together team. I noticed you had 126 Spec defense on your Conkeldurr it should be 136 I believe. My only suggestion for the team is to put lava...
  2. FiddyStall (Peaked #8)

    Well I don't have much to say because there is a lot that could be done but I notice you're Blissey doesn't have Seismic Toss and that kind of just make Blissey a sitting duck I would suggest changing Toxic to Seismic Toss or if you want to switch Seismic Toss with Stealth Rock that would be...
  3. Perfection! (Peaked #13) Pokemon Online Server!

    I changed Dragonite to latios and made Heatran offensive and it seems to be working quite well and also I madde breloom into technician breloom also working well any more suggestions?
  4. Perfection! (Peaked #13) Pokemon Online Server!

    I was possibly thinking about making breloom into a nattorei (ferrothorn) and making it have spikes and then make it a little more stall that way. What else might I be able to do with this team?
  5. Perfection! (Peaked #13) Pokemon Online Server!

    Can you guys actually recommend pokes please that help benefit the team? Not just saying to add counters and find somewhere for spikes? I could use some serious rates please. Thank you.
  6. Perfection! (Peaked #13) Pokemon Online Server!

    Introduction .......... Sup Sons! Hello there boys and girls, today I want to share with you my as you could say "Balanced Team" or as I like to call it, The Best Damn Synergy Evar! So I first off want to get into what I was thinking when I made this team. I started off thinking...
  7. Boss Chomp team

    First of all I'd like to say great job one this "Rate My Team" well done. There isn't much I would suggest to change. The only thing I would consider changed is changing Earthquake to Fire Fang, because it hits all Steel Types and if you run into Tyranitar or anything that resists Fire attacks...
  8. Rain.

    Thank you :D
  9. Rain.

    Is there every going to be an Importable for this? Too lazy to put in manually e.e
  10. First RMT Ever (offensive SS)

    Ok the first thing I would like to say is that this has potential to be a fairly decent team. I would suggest that you take off rocks on Skarmory and replace it with Brave Bird. Your Skarmory is also easy bait for Shandera so I would suggest putting on Shed Shell if needed Skarmory can switch...
  11. First B/W RMT - MY three musketeers

    Ok first off I want to say that you may want to extend your descriptions a little bit more or your thread may be locked. To start this rate off I see a big Ice weakness to your team and there are a few things that I would like to suggest to your team. Seeing as how you have a lead Flygon...
  12. The Gang Becomes Pokemon (my first team)

    I'm not one to rate much but you are lacking a big weakness to those dirty rain teams. As Iconic said you might want to try using a Latias to help sponge Hydro Pumps and Gliscor will definitely help deal with both Blaziken and Infernape it also deal with both Excadrill (Doryuzuu) and Conkeldurr...
  13. Jersey Stall - 5th Gen OU RMT

    Reserved for threat list.
  14. Jersey Stall - 5th Gen OU RMT

    Jersey Stall - 5th Gen OU RMT Hello guys and gals Zapdos here with my first 5th Gen RMT. Today's team is a balanced/Stall based team to try and compete with the standard OU Meta Game. Team Building Process First I was thinking of a lead that can take on most weather lead fairly decent...