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  1. SilvanRaptor

    Profiles Profile: SilvanRaptor

    Trainer Name: Silvan Smith Pokemon Team: Shieldon/Bronzor/Aggron/Steelix/Ferroseed/Piplup/Beldum W/L/T: 1/2/0 Currency Counters: 0 Universal Counters: 0 Current Battles: Silvan Vs EpicDrill Battle History: Old ASB Profile Silvan Vs Toon [Complete] Silvan Vs EpicDrill [Complete] Silvan Vs...
  2. SilvanRaptor

    I'm too exploud for my own good (Now taking quick and easy requests)

    NOW OPEN FOR QUICK AND EASY REQUESTS. meaning no backgrounds, just something simple please. So, I was an avid sprite artist, but I never really showed you my other artist side...and Thus that is why I am making this thread. While I may not be the best artist here, by far I am not, but I like...
  3. SilvanRaptor

    [Shop] The Partyball Shop!

    In pokemon, all the technology research has been put into developing the capturing device of wild animals. Pokeballs are just a portable teleportation device. At first you are given a "Party Ball" that has the ability to interface with 6 different cages, and teleports the pokemon to the field...
  4. SilvanRaptor

    Welcome to the Pixel Palace.

    Welcome to the Pixel Palace. While your waiting to be seated, please feel free to veiw the art we have hanging up. Some peices are large files and may cause your computer to lag, but those are the more liked peices. For easier navigation, I will provide an index of sections. press cntl+F to...
  5. SilvanRaptor

    Doran's Lapis Lazuli Pokedex

    I have a Pokedex I've been working on. I have quite a few done, but not all! one of the most helpfull things you can do is give me some criticism, which I need very much. as stated in the actual picture, there are three concepts that aren't mine. They are Krillowatt by Aragornbird(Smogon)...