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  1. erisia

    Metagame SS NU Metagame Discussion

    I've played a few matches and this tier seems fun without Dynamax or the Z-moves of last generation. At first I was skeptical of some of the move cuts but I actually like Hidden Power not being a thing anymore; its means Special Attackers can actually be more reasonably countered and can have...
  2. erisia


    I'm so glad Frost got erased. His character has pretty much been a massive disappointment from start to finish and even Frieza realised this. :p
  3. erisia

    Overwatch - Brigitte used FLAIL!

    fyi Overwatch is having a free weekend that will start fairly shortly and is on sale for £19.99 via Blizzard until the 28th of September, so if you're curious about trying out Mercy Simulator 2017 then later tonight or tomorrow will be a good time to dabble. Send me a friend request if you want...
  4. erisia

    NU Claydol

  5. erisia

    NU Claydol

    Implemented. :)
  6. erisia

    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: It's a Whole New World We Live In

    NU Claydol's ready for checks:
  7. erisia

    NU Claydol

    Implemented and removed mentions of RU mons. If you guys want to replace these mentions with any other specific mons then let me know.
  8. erisia

    NU Claydol

    Written up.
  9. erisia

    Smogon Happenings -- post here for publicity (YES, YOU)

    We got some NU Fire/Flying types for you:
  10. erisia

    NU Oricorio-Baile

    Added the [SET COMMENTS] tag and uploaded. :)
  11. erisia

    NU Charizard

    Uploaded, nice work.
  12. erisia

    NU Claydol

  13. erisia

    jus liek ur mum

    jus liek ur mum
  14. erisia

    CAP 23 CAP 23 - Part 2 - Typing Poll

    Dragon / Steel Dragon / Ghost
  15. erisia

    NU Vanilluxe

    Looks good man. QC 2/3
  16. erisia

    NU Accelgor

    Mention specific mons that Accelgor outspeeds unboosted; we already know what Accelgor's base Speed is so remove this explicit mention from the Overview. Also emphasise that Accelgor uses its excellent speed and decent power to function primarily as a cleaner that can clean up weakened teams to...
  17. erisia

    Smogon Happenings -- post here for publicity (YES, YOU)

    Omastar has an SM NU write-up.
  18. erisia

    NU Omastar

    Added some more explicit mentions of Turtonator outclassing Shell Smash sets and uploaded, nice job. :)
  19. erisia

    NU Golbat

    Give examples of special attackers Golbat can check in the set details (Sceptile, Whimsicott, etc). Maybe mention a relevant physical attacker that can't 2HKO you with that specific EV spread. I don't think you need to mention Inner Focus in set details at all. You could also bring up Braviary...