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  1. Kepperino

    Dragonite says Hi! [New update: check last post!]

    Dragonite says Hi! Hello, and welcome to my very first trade thread ever! I hope you guys'll enjoy this place. First of all: this Dragonite above is Draco, my Dragonite. The trainer above him happens to be me. I'm quite 'noobish', really... I haven't got the possiblity to clone yet. I don't...
  2. Kepperino

    Odd request (IV)

    Nevermind, guys. Lock this up.
  3. Kepperino

    RMT? :D

    Hi guys, one of my teams. Wondered if you could rate it for me. I wonder if it needs just that little more... Azelf @ Focus Sash Naïve Levitate 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 HP -Stealth Rock -Explosion -Taunt -Fire Blast Azelf is quite a quick lead. I haven't had a situation where it got outspeeded... Oh...
  4. Kepperino

    Rain Dance! Woohoo!

    Hi guys, My first Raindanceteam! (Woohoo!) It probably sucks... But that's why I posted it here. Changes in bold. You guys could help me improve it, so I'll end up having an awesome Raindanceteam. Here you go: Electrode @ Damp Rock Hasty Soundproof 252 Atk, 208 Spd, 48 SpAtk -Rain Dance...