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  1. fleurdyleurse

    Rate My Check (RMC)

    Approved by GatoDelFuego, Lumari, and P Squared; original thread approved by Jellicent Art by Bummer Original thread here Hi! Welcome to Rate My Check. Here, AM checkers can post their AM checks to be rated. Just like the Grammar Prose Workshop, this thread aims to help AM checkers improve...
  2. fleurdyleurse

    GP Feedback Survey --

    Hi! We'd like to hear some of your opinions on GP and how we can improve, so we made a little nifty survey. This survey is for all C&C writers, GPers, and amcheckers, so it'll be nice if you could let other C&C writers know about it (the link is Thanks! ~ gp
  3. fleurdyleurse

    Profiles Profile: fleurdyleurse

    Trainer Name: fleur Pokemon: Monohm, Petilil, Colosshale Currency Counters: 0 Universal Counters: 0 Current Battles: Battle History: Items: (1) Exp. Share (1) Lucky Egg (1) Amulet Coin Key Items: None! Prize Claims: None!
  4. fleurdyleurse

    RMC (Rate My Check)

    approved by Jellicent; art by Bummer Hi there, and welcome to RMC! Let me explain what this is: In RMC, AM checkers can post their best AM check(s), and members of the GP team will rate their checks and give them suggestions. Much like the Grammar Dojo, this thread aims to improve the...
  5. fleurdyleurse

    Rock, Paper, Scizor!

    converting this rmt to my gp thing mods pls don't lock GP Checks: Kyurem-B Skrelp Hippowdon Gengar Rayquaza TOTAL: 5 no fancy images i'm a lazy ass :D
  6. fleurdyleurse

    Project RU Theorymon

    Approved by cutiepie Molk Credit to Zebraiken for idea Credit to alexwolf for OP RU Theorymon Project Welcome to the Theorymon Project of 6th gen's RU. Here, every few days, we will be discussing a list of 4 Pokemon, all of which will have little to zero viability in RU, and all of which have...
  7. fleurdyleurse


    FLEURDYLEURSE ART / bee47 art Art (please see my latest post) -Litwick -Noibat -Rotom -Random Background -Skitty -Pikachu -Poliwag -Qwilfish Teddiursa -Surskit -Foongus -Slowpoke -Silcoon -Charmander -Seedot -Unown -Castform -Cherubi -Chinchou -Treecko -Ditto (lol)...
  8. fleurdyleurse

    Bisharp Knives: A DeoSharp Offense Team

    Bisharp Knives: A DeoSharp Offense Team This is a team that utilizes DeoSharp. The objective of the team is to a) get hazards up, b) get Bisharp or Aegislash in if suspecting Defog or Rapid Spin respectively, and c) to clean up with Keldeo, Landorus and Char X. Bold is used to mark...
  9. fleurdyleurse

    Weatherless Offense

    Hi guys, it's me, cosmicdonutsummer, back with a new team! Preview: Skip this part if you don't like reading: So it all began when I was bored and asked PS!'s lobby: alyssathegreat: anyone wants to teambuild for Gen 5 OU? instantly, I was PMed by someone: ranosdinaod: hi He wanted...