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  1. Akumeoy

    Other Metagames Body and Blood - Partners in Crime Trick Room (37-3, Peaked #4)

    Sup, here's my second RMT. I made this for the OM Snake Draft finals vs Jasprose, and you can see the replay for that here, but it doesn't really show off the team so you should just read this thread. There aren't any other replays because I was playing on an alt and didn't wanna get scouted...
  2. Akumeoy

    Other Metagames Your Ass is Grass - Nature Swap Balance

    Introduction: Hey y'all, it's Akumeoy, and despite having been around in the OM forums & PS room for a few years, this is my first RMT. My activity has been lower as of late for various reasons, but I've managed to produce a team that I really like playing and that has served me well in a meta...