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  1. Elo Bandit

    Quality Control [ORAS] Mega Tyranitar [QC 1/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Mega Tyranitar is the most powerful Rock type in ORAS 1v1. Its huge natural bulk, extensive movepool, and Rock / Dark typing can reliably counter some of the top threats in the metagame such as Charizard and Kyurem-Black. Huge defensive stats and strong defensive typing let Mega...
  2. Elo Bandit

    [1v1] Porygon-Z [0/3]

    QC 0/3 Overview Porygon-Z is the 1v1 tier's premier fast special attacker. It can run a variety of sets and cover almost every top threat with its Scarf, Specs, and Z-Move variants. It's good speed combined with it's blistering special attack lets it tear through the metagame with Adaptability...