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  1. CringeMeta

    Metagame Multibility

    Currently, clone abilities stack, similar to in other multi-ability formats like Shared Power. However, in 2 Ability Clause, clones both count towards the same limited pool, so they do in the Multibility version of this check as well. E.g. Garchomp with natural Rough Skin and Multibility Iron...
  2. CringeMeta

    STAB STABmons

    (EDIT: Note: This post was moved from the bug reports thread.) Not sure if this is a real bug, but many users were discussing this in OM Room and Mashups chat today and the behaviour in question at least can be confirmed so posting to check... Zamazenta (base) can learn Steel moves through...
  3. CringeMeta

    Metagame Bonus Type

    Neither of these seems to be true in the format as it works currently on Showdown. Forest's Curse/Trick Or Treat works independently of the bonus type, which is treated as if it is an intrinsic typing of the Pokemon, meaning that it can gain a fourth type when affected by one of these moves...
  4. CringeMeta

    Oh, I see... Happy Real Birthday!!

    Oh, I see... Happy Real Birthday!!
  5. CringeMeta

    OM Mashup Megathread

    Thank-you so much! It has been a privilege to watch mashups grow from a groupchat struggling to stay open across server restarts, to a small private room, through to the modern era in which tiers like STAAABmons have previously unimaginable development and player skill. But even from the very...
  6. CringeMeta

    OM Mashup Megathread

    Kris recently added a new rule, 'AAA Restricted Abilities', to Showdown that makes it possible to accurately simulate [Gen 7] Almost Any Ability-based mashups on main again (prior to Gen 8, AAA restricted abilities to native users, rather than banning them outright), as well as, for the first...
  7. CringeMeta

    Metagame The Loser's Game

    Sorry, I would like to be removed from the council of this format, and to apologise to S1nn0hC0nfirm3d for being so inactive during this generation. I’ve realised that Mashups takes up all the time I can contribute to Showdown, and that unfortunately there is no prospect of that changing in the...
  8. CringeMeta

    Tournament Random Battles Mayhem Gauntlet (won by longhiep341 - see post #228!)

    Not even Absol could save me from the power of manu 11...0-3 >_<
  9. CringeMeta

    OM Mashup Megathread

    At the time a Pokemon switches in, Shared Power generates a list of bonus abilities belonging to allied Pokemon that have previously switched in (with the exceptions of the unstable Mirror Armor and Trace) and gives them to the new Pokemon. In Singles, I don't think there is any way for an...
  10. CringeMeta

    Best of luck. Thank-you for everything!

    Best of luck. Thank-you for everything!
  11. CringeMeta

    OM Theorymon: On Hiatus (See Post #131)

    Oh...this is some hype Theorymon fodder... The implication, I think, is that by changing Facade into an Ice-type attack, Refrigerate would also change it from being a Physical to a Special attack due to Ice attacks being inherently Special in this slate? But I'm not sure whether it would...
  12. CringeMeta

    M&M Mix and Mega

    I see. But if that is the case, what is going on here - will this parameter be removed from Gen 8 in future?
  13. CringeMeta

    OM Theorymon: On Hiatus (See Post #131)

    I thought this was a very interesting idea. The dependency issue seems to be resolvable, but I think that as having Dragon Ascent legally on the set is the initial cause of being able to Mega as Rayquaza to open up the extra movepool in the first place, there wouldn't any legal users in Gen 8...
  14. CringeMeta

    M&M Mix and Mega

    Regarding Dragon Ascent In the second Gen 8 DLC, the move 'Dragon Ascent', which functioned as the key to Rayquaza's Mega Evolution in Gen 7, was added to Pokemon Sword and Shield. Dragon Ascent is not currently accessible on any Pokemon that can pass Gen 8 Mix and Mega's validator (Rayquaza is...
  15. CringeMeta

    Tournament OM Mashups Trios Tournament (Won by the Smogon Sharpedos)

    Urshifu-Base (Single Strike) was restricted from holding Mega Stones in vanilla Mix and Mega yesterday. Due to STAB and Mega paralleling vanilla MnM rules and this being a change of rounds, the restriction has been accepted into SnM and should now be effective in all environments. So please be...
  16. CringeMeta

    OM Theorymon: On Hiatus (See Post #131)

    Cool idea! I wonder if more defensive teams would struggle in this meta, as I feel like defensive sets in vanilla Camomons often benefit from having two slots to inconsequentially 'hide' support moves with mediocre typings (typically Normal, which usually isn't very helpful when not combined...
  17. CringeMeta

    New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    Request: Account name change to CringeMeta Reason: To match Pokemon Showdown account name Requirements: >=100 posts Thank-you! done - kala
  18. CringeMeta

    OM Mashup Megathread

    The Friday tour was won by Ka1xo, who notified me that his Smogon account is Just A Jew. There were 11 participants, unfortunately 1 user short of the finalist threshold. Congratulations on suspect reqs, Ka1xo/Just A Jew! Finals Replay:
  19. CringeMeta

    OM Mashup Megathread

    I feel like I might be missing something here (e.g. if 'complex ban' is being used in a metaphorical sense), but Wicked Blow is clearly not a complex ban; it's a simple ban of one move. After looking for the specific official tiering rules, the most recent policy framework I could find doesn't...