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  1. SapphSabre777

    Mario Kart 7/8 Thread

    I'm surprised neither of these games haven't acquired a thread at the very least, but I guess that goes to show some things. Anyways, with Mario Kart 8 coming in May (hopefully no delays), what are you most excited for? Also, this can be a place for you to talk about the current game: Mario...
  2. SapphSabre777

    "Worst Pokémon Ever"

    I never knew people like to rip bad Pokemon a new one to the extent with the "Worst Kalos" thread. But I think we (as a community) need to up the ante. Let's widen the scope to offend the offensive, to humiliate those who have humiliated, let's judge: The Worst Pokémon Ever! (forgive me, I...
  3. SapphSabre777

    "Worst Kalos Pokemon?" Thread

    Well, I simply had to find or make a thread based upon the subject of bad Pokemon. I do have to agree with one thing, though: Game Freak did pretty well with the overall quality of the Pokemon this generation. But of course, there are Pokemon that are just so bad, its meme-worthy. This is the...
  4. SapphSabre777

    (insert catchy title here) Trading Station

    Well, it is official. I have too many 3/4 flawless IV Pokemon...I need to trade them off. And I figured that most of you out there would be better suited and such out there. To put into other words, I have a lot of Pokemon that need to be traded off because they take up space (because of...
  5. SapphSabre777

    Pokemon-Amie Thread

    Well, it has been almost two weeks since X and Y have come out. I can say that it is one of the most exciting additions to the franchise. One of my favorite additions is "Pokemon-Amie." I really liked HG/SS's wandering Pokemon mechanic, making me feel that I was bonding with it. This, however...
  6. SapphSabre777

    Fire Emblem: Awakening Thread...SPOILERS POSSIBLE

    This thread is as the title says. I want you all to comment about the game, whether it may be by explaining a great moment, critiquing it, or talking about a character; let you message be heard, my fellow Smogonites!