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  1. Philip7086

    So... I turn 30 next week

    That's right, RIP my youth. As I turn the page to the next decade of my life, I find myself thinking a lot about how I spent my 20's. All in all, I really can't complain about the last 10 years of my life. Some highlights that I'm proud of: I spent my entire career in the gaming industry...
  2. Philip7086

    Questions RE: New Ghosting Rules

    If an entire WCOP team is found to have been on a Skype call during a match, is that whole team tournament banned for a year? And if so, are they eliminated from WCOP? West has never been much for Skype or voice calling in general, but I know many other teams hop on Skype calls for fun. I would...
  3. Philip7086

    Smogon's Social Media Index

    A few weeks ago, I watched as a foreign group of players all rooted on one of their own in the Tour finals via Twitter. I thought the idea of connecting with fellow Pokemon lovers outside of just the Smogon forums might be cool, so I figured I'd put a thread together to compile a list of Smogon...
  4. Philip7086


    In case you guys haven't heard, PlayStation is doing something pretty big tomorrow. Figured I would make a thread so everybody can discuss. Stream will be live at 6:00pm EST tomorrow here: :happybrain:
  5. Philip7086

    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

    Some of you might remember me talking about this game a month ago or so on IRC. Well, now it's out and I want to hear what you think! I've been playing almost nonstop (when I have free time) and I'm loving it more the more I play. I Platinum'd the game on release day (thanks to owning it two...
  6. Philip7086

    Smogon Tour 12

    It feels like Golden Sun was just crowned champion yesterday, but the next Smogon Tour season is already right around the corner! The first tour will be held one week from today on: Friday, August 19th 2011 Just as season 11, this Tour will last 9 weeks and will cycle through the three most...
  7. Philip7086

    Smogon Tour - Season 11 Finals! [Won by Golden Sun]

    Congratulations to all of the Season 11 finalists of the Smogon Tour! With this being the first Tour to include BW, it was very interesting to see what the top 16 would end up looking lke. This season we actually came to a four-way tie for 16th, so before the finals can "officially" start, we...
  8. Philip7086

    np: OU Suspect Testing Round 4 - Blaze of Glory

    The results of the Round 3 voting brought quite a few big changes to the metagame, which as some of you know have caused quite an uproar across the community! Fans of Blaziken for generations (Heysup) had to watch in despair as the badass starter was shackled and locked away. Along with Blaziken...
  9. Philip7086

    No Soap? No Shampoo? No Problem! (My 2k)

    So for my 2k, I decided to make a thread which can enrich all of your lives! Back in early December, someone linked me to a blog about how someone did not use soap or shampoo in a whole year. You can read it yourselves if you want (it's a good read IMO, and not too long), but tl;dr, his skin and...
  10. Philip7086

    OU Round 3 Pokemon Suspect Voting

    Just to remind everybody, the results of the Non-Pokemon Vote thread are as follows: Bright Powder and Lax Incense are both banned, but Drizzle and Drought are still allowed. With that being said, here's a reminder of who is allowed to vote in this thread: Aeroblacktyl B-Lulz Bloo Ciele...
  11. Philip7086

    OU Round 3 Non-Pokemon Suspect Voting

    Yeah, I'm calling this thread "Non-Pokemon Suspect Voting" because I didn't want to make multiple threads for abilities and the Evasion Clause extension. Anyways, thank you all for participating this round. It was a long and tiresome one, but I think we all learned a lot from it, and I for one...
  12. Philip7086

    Smogon Tour 11 Hosted on New Smogon University Server!

    As you all know, the SU server tends to crash periodically, so hosting the Tour there is really not safe. I had been concerned about this for a while, but thankfully, Rising_Dusk came to the rescue and is allowing us to host the Tour on the CAP server! I encourage everybody to join the CAP...
  13. Philip7086

    ADV Baton Pass Voting

    This vote will use the Instant-Runoff Voting method, so if you're unfamiliar with that, read carefully. There are three options for this vote (see below), and you must list each option number, bolded, in your post in the order of your preference. Your numbers MUST be bolded to count, so don't...
  14. Philip7086

    Gen 3 ADV Suspect Testing Voter Identification

    Hey guys, I'm going to be away at midnight tonight, so I just wanted to get this thread up early for everybody to identify as soon as they can, seeing as we're really cutting it close here with respect to the first ADV Tour. This is just an identification thread, so simply post your account...
  15. Philip7086

    OU Suspect Testing Round 3 Voter Identification and Suspect Nominations

    Phewf, that was a long one eh? The first full-month suspect testing for BW OU has finally finished, so what are your thoughts? The "Top 15 + 15" method seemed to really work in encouraging people to push their accounts to the limit, judging by how high the ratings were this time around, compared...
  16. Philip7086

    eff you chaos

    You were supposed to be studying hard at Princeton right now, but instead I find that you're pursuing an acting career? You think that by dying your beard and straightening your hair, we'd somehow not recognize your name? At least be honest with us, man...
  17. Philip7086

    Rising_Dusk's Proposal

    Before you read this, please note that it's a pretty sensitive issue, so I don't want to see any discussion about this in public channels until we sort things out. So yeah, lets hear some thoughts.
  18. Philip7086

    Gen 3 np: ADV Suspect Testing - Lean on Me

    Hey guys, if you've been paying attention to the Tournaments and PR forums recently, you would know that ADV has been added to the Tour metagames, and that there has been a debate about whether full BP should be allowed or not in said Tours. From that debate, we decided to do a suspect testing...
  19. Philip7086

    Smogon Tour 11

    The eleventh season of the Smogon Tour is creeping up fast! The first Tour will be held on: Friday, March 25th 2011 You might be thinking to yourself, "wtf Phil, that's almost two months away, why such an early warning?" Well, that's because I wanted to give everybody enough time to prepare...
  20. Philip7086

    Another New Challenger Approaches!

    So for a long long time I did a lot of work for Battling 101, and I had a vision for where it was headed by the time I got officially promoted as the badge leader. Unfortunately, shortly after that I was asked to lead Pokemon policy for the 5th generation, so I simply didn't have enough time to...