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  1. little gk

    LC Analysis Index

    Gen V LC Analyses Index 137200463 With the abundance of outdated LC analyses onsite, and the relatively balanced and static state of the metagame, I’m opening up this revision thread to try and get the outdated analyses onsite updated. The format of reserving and writing updates will...
  2. little gk

    Arcanite vs Tortferngatr ref es un caballero

    don't post Tort's team: Snorunt Frigid (F) Nature: Timid (A 15% increase in Base Speed [Rounded Up] and a +7% (58^2/500) flat increase in accuracy on this Pokemon's attacks; -1 Rank in Attack) Type: Ice Ice STAB; immune to freezing and Sheer Cold, no vision loss or damage in Hail or...
  3. little gk

    rewindman vs deadfox081 subref: c$fp

    sorry about the wait!!! just a reminder, rewindman is the seeker
  4. little gk

    Terrador14 vs Flora ref: gk

    hi terrador is using his Dratini Dratini [Opus] [Male] Nature: Hasty (+ Spd - SDef) Type: Dragon Summary: Dragon STAB; More in touch with legendary or special auras in arenas. Able to use Hyper Beam and Giga Impact without losing focus. Stats: HP: 90 Atk: *** Def: *(-) SAtk: ** SDef: **...
  5. little gk

    -Charmander- vs Nightmare jigglypuff

    my bad no items 1 ability nightmare jigglypuff was the battle seeker, js make sure to tell me your ability!
  6. little gk

    Flora (winner) vs elDino ref: caballero de oro

    don't post etc Gastly * (Male) Nature: Naive (A 15% increase (rounded up) in Base Speed and a +5% increase in accuracy (e.g. 85 becomes 90) on this Pokemon's attacks; Subtracts * from Special Defense) Typing: Ghost: Ghost STAB; brief intangibility that nullifies Normal and...
  7. little gk

    Athenodoros vs dragonboy52 - gk is ref

    don't post if you're not battling etc thanks for putting up with my vacation n.n teams: Bronzor(*) Nature: Brave(Adds * to Atk; A 15% decrease (rounded down) in Base Speed and a +5% increase in accuracy (e.g. 85 becomes 90) on an opponent's attacks.) Type: Steel/Psychic Steel: Steel STAB...
  8. little gk

    Flora vs Energy Storm ref=goldenknight

    don't post until this ends! both of you should know the drill by now, get to it just as a reminder, energy storm posted the challenge and flora accepted it
  9. little gk

    Shazamo vs Flora ref: gk

    LET'S NOT POST YET Shazamo only gave me one Pokemon sooooooooooooo Torchic (*) [Torchic] (M) Nature: Adamant HP: 90 Atk: ****(+) Def: ** SpA: **(-) SpD: ** Spe: 45 Energy: 100 Boosts: Nope Other: Nope ability is Blaze
  10. little gk

    Darkslay vs rewindman ref: gk

    don't post yet darkslay sends out pokemon rewindman sends out pokemon/actions darkslay does actions
  11. little gk

    elDino vs Shazamo ref: gk [BATTLE OVER]

    if you post here, things won't end well shazamo sends out pokemon eldino sends pokemon and action shazamo does actions i work have fun n.n
  12. little gk

    DRACOYOSHI ALT #8 vs blisseyofdoom, my name is gk

    if you post in this i will hurt you n.n go draco
  13. little gk

    Objection vs Axaj

    don't talk while people battle etc axaj sends whatever out first objection send out with actions axaj does actions i do work
  14. little gk

    Mantyke (Analysis)

    duh (much better than chinchou) Mantyke [Overview] -Hasn't changed much since Gen IV -Base 120 Special Defense is the best in Little Cup -Issues with Munchlax -Ground immunity and Swift Swim gives Mantyke something over Chinchou [SET] name: Agility Sweeper move 1: Agility move...
  15. little gk

    Frillish (Analysis)

    if you bitches take Mantyke... more will come, i just wanted to get started here n_n [Overview] -Its Water- and Ghost-typing combine two of Little Cup's best both offensively and defensively -Water Absorb only helps, giving Pururiru three useful...
  16. little gk

    Onix (LC Analysis)

    Lets give bobtheball4 a good amount of credit for his skeleton :p Onix [Overview] <p>Despite often being overshadowed by Little Cup's other Rock- and Ground-types, Onix has created a niche for itself in that it is one of only two common leads in Little Cup that use Explosion. With Explosion...
  17. little gk

    Mantyke (Update)

    hello! hyu is letting me update this with the format changes and stuff like that! changes -dropped special wall set -added some stuff to OC -added a little thing on chinchou in TO -formatting! -added Hidden Power Ground to OC, since eric is a smart man...
  18. little gk

    Chimchar (Little Cup Analysis) Chimchar is one of our priority Pokemon, so hyu and I decided it'd be best to get it done quickly (he wrote the set months ago) [Overview] <p>Although Chimchar has poor base stats, it can still act as a reliable lead. This comes from its unique...
  19. little gk

    Slowpoke (Analysis)

    hello! hyu looked at the set and qc-ish type stuff last fuzznip last told me about this analysis' ~flow~ issues __________________________________________ [Overview] <p>Thanks in-part to its Defense, Own Tempo, and reliable recovery in Slack Off...
  20. little gk

    Mankey (Gen 4, LC Analysis)*

    MANkey Status: I like grammar checks! _________________________________________________________ [Overview] <p>With its combination of powerful attacks, Choice Scarf, and U-turn, Mankey can be insanely threatening when used correctly. In addition...