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  1. DezShizzels

    WIP [ORAS] Diancie (Mega)

    [OVERVIEW] Generalize what the Pokemon does in the metagame and as a whole and why you should or shouldn't consider using it on your teams. [SET] name: move 1: move 2: move 3: move 4: item: ability: nature: evs: [SET COMMENTS] Set Description ======== Describe what the moves, item, and...
  2. DezShizzels

    Quality Control [ORAS] Genesect [QC 1/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Genesect’s high base Special Attack, coupled with Download and a plethora of strong offensive options such as Flash Cannon, Flamethrower, and Thunderbolt, make it a terrifying threat dealing with top-tier threats like Kyurem-B, Mega Gardevoir, Mega Metagross, and Mega Gyarados...