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  1. viol and bass

    Search and three-letter Pokémon names

    My suggestion is a small one: the Xenforo search function, which is what I use when searching for a Pokémon's analysis which is not on-site, seems to not allow three-letter Pokémon names, such as "Mew" and "Muk", which has proven annoying on a few occasions. Is there a way to change this?
  2. viol and bass

    Update some stuff.

    I realize that there are perhaps more pressing matters but there are a few things on the site that could perhaps use some updating. For instance, the homepage still has a link to a Shoddy Battle section which should presumably be replaced by a Pokémon Online one since that is now the supported...
  3. viol and bass

    Regulate NU/NFE Listings

    Forgive me if I'm not understanding this process correctly. Is there any particular reason that NFE Pokémon who have been deemed worthy of analyses are labeled NU rather than NFE? For instance, this thread contains a UU analysis that is in the works for Haunter. Haunter is currently labeled...
  4. viol and bass

    A Shifty RMT

    A Shifty RMT (Ubers) This is an Ubers RMT. This is the team in its current state: I'd like to note that I haven't had all that much battling experience, and that I hadn't played Ubers at all until about four days ago. So obviously my team-building skills are rather sub-par. I expect a lot of...