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    A Sacrifice!

    fuck you OP
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    Washing dishes with hot or cold water

    > not buying disposable plates
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    you only post twice

    don't @ me
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    moral alignment test

    *takes drag of menthol cigarette* what does it mean to be "evil", anyway?
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    you only post once

    brave new world where the doublepost ceases to exist. I curse thee to be shadowbanned for bringing this idea into existence
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    Animal Battle Royale

    a burger is just the result of an animal battle royale, with cheese
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    Sim Quote Database Mk. 2

  8. cookie

    Sim Quote Database Mk. 2

    mod edit: This user should be incredibly embarrassed for posting PS quotes in the Smogon Quote Database! LOL!
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    Bad Wilderness Survival Tips

    i get your point but the shitty tip needs tobe vaguely in the correct context. otherwise we could post things like "if you want to save 15% on your car insurance switch to geico", and yes technically that would be a shitty survival tip
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    Bad Wilderness Survival Tips

    why would you care about being bored if you're trying to survive seems like someone needs to learn about maszlo's hierarchy of needs
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    The thread where I label your smogoff persona

    Do monkfish
  12. cookie

    The thread where I label your smogoff persona

    sup posting pal
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    Albatros's Food Review Thread (Bird reviews Food) (SFW)

    typical american taking things too literally well no fucking shit sherlock it's not an actual toad in the hole, this is why the FDA had to ban kinder eggs
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    Gen 9 Introduces: Ultra Abilities

    aftermath kills your opponent's parents if you faint it
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    harry potter in other countries

    somewhere in nigeria: "What do you mean Harry Potter isn't a biography? My aunt turned her husband into a goat for cheating on her"
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    harry potter in other countries

    Harry Petrov and The Goblet of Rubbing Alcohol
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    pls explain

    y'all just ignoring the cute kitty like that smh
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    I'll Sue Ya

    "im being civil" "im also bragging about how much money i can make suing a guy for making a dick joke" please shut the fuck up you fucking narcissist. you have zero moral fiber. you are literally posting about how to sue someone for attention on the internet. log off.
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    ,,evergreen'' tweets

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    what are you hiding?

    a 7 inch dongus