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  1. vooper

    Metagame NFE Metagame

    NFE, which stands for Not Fully Evolved, is a metagame with a straight-forward premise: only Pokemon who have an evolution allowed. Rules: Mechanic: Only Pokemon who can evolve are allowed. Clauses: OU Clauses Banlist: The following Pokemon are banned in NFE: Chansey, Doublade, Gligar...
  2. vooper

    Hit It and Quit It Tour - Won by Heaven Jay

    Op stolen from Coconut , terrible banner made by me Welcome to the Hit It and Quit It Tour hosted by me, ItzViper482, and SHSP! Use all of your best pokemon early to make it far? Or save a bunch of the top pokemon for the end? In this tournament, every single pokemon in the CAP tier can only...
  3. vooper

    Project What's Their Last - Week 3 Nominations

    approved by macle banner by me idea and OP stolen from Holiday A long time ago, back when DPP was the current gen, and there was no team preview, the above question was often asked. You had to be prepared for anything in that last slot and use your deductive teambuilding skills to figure out...
  4. vooper

    Alolan Meowth [QC 0/3] working on Rowans!

    [OVERVIEW] -fastest parting shot user -very frail -fastest unboosted dark type [SET] name: Nasty Plot Pivot move 1: dark pulse move 2: hidden power [fighting] move 3: nasty plot move 4: parting shot / u-turn item: life orb ability: technician nature: timid evs: 76 Def / 196 SpA / 36 SpD / 196...
  5. vooper

    LC Suspect Tour. Drifloon is NOT banned. Won By Star.

    Post "in" to participate! Send a PM to "ItzViper482" on Smogtours when you win your match, losers need not PM as it could cause confusion. The winner of this Live Suspect tour will be granted reqs, and will not need to ladder for it. It would be highly preferred if you did not enter if you...
  6. vooper

    Project LC Family Feud (New Game Show Hype!)

    approved by macle LC Family Feud Run By: ItzViper482 aka ItzRaven482 Welcome to LC Family Feud. The new LC game show hosted by yours truly. In this game, 2 teams of 6 will compete. Teams will be assigned with a randomizer. The teambuilding will be done in rounds. With the first round...