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    OU Onixpectedly Useable in OU?

    Hehe. Joke.
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    Gen 2 Magneton (UU) [QC 1/2] [GP 0/2]

    Century Express I completed everything. This analysis turned out to be surprisingly long for me. Here is what I removed: A lot of long and drawn-out comments about unnecessary things in the wrong sections, like "blah blah, almost the best normal resist but weak to ground" in Team options. The...
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    OU GSC OU Discussion Thread

    I don't think Thunder is worth considering. Mentioning, perhaps, but in my experience, Starmie with Thunder leaves so much else to be desired against a plethora of other threats it would much rather be able to hit. There is one threat that a Thunder/bolt starmie can help threaten and that's...
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    OU GSC OU Viability Rankings mk. 3

    I think there is a reason why there is only one viable electric type besides Zapdos and Raikou in OU and there are no electrics in UUBL. I've seen para-fusion Laturn be used and it has a secondary stab to complement Thunder which hits some of the resistors of the move super effectively. Besides...
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    OU Offense

    I have little-to-no experience in dpp ou but I think a solid team with sand immune + spikes immune mons. Having at least 4 pokemon with a form of recovery is vital for defensive teams (this may include in DPP's case recovering with leftovers and using protect).
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    Lower Tiers My UUFPL experience Revisited - A Team Showcase (GSC UU)

    I wanted to make this post more than two months ago, then GSC UU cup was announced so my split conscience said "shit" and "awesome" at the same time, as I automatically signed up to the tournament without batting an eye, despite all of my in real life struggles. I have been in love with this...
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    Multi-gen RoA Olympics 6: Signups

    Nation: Canada Tiers played: GSC UU, GSC OU, GSC Ubers incapacity: not really requested captain: Genesis7
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    UU UU Classic V - Playoffs [Finals]

    Highly uninformed in fact completely random (almost) predictions [1] zben vs TSR [16] [2] Pak vs Estarossa [15] [3] pokemonisfun vs crucify [14] [4] esche vs Highways [13] [5] robjr vs Spl4sh [12] [6] LpZ vs Shiba [11] [7] fatty vs Pohjis [10] [8] Xiri vs Bouff [9] I didn't even know that so...
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    Lower Tiers GSC UU Discussion Thread

    Reeece I think you should include Sandslash among the rapid spinners, despite it never really using the move and Hypno among the sleepers. Also I am not sure if they are worth being considered sweepers but Amnesia users should be included (you can probably omit Substitute I suppose).
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    Lower Tiers GSC UU Discussion Thread

    Okay before I do get into posting a team dump, I thought I'd mention another interesting candidate who you might occasionally see filling in a role you otherwise might not expect. :gs/slowbro: :gs/Slowking: move 1: Surf move 2: Psychic move 3: Rest move 4: Sleep Talk Slowbro is quite...
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    u gonna try for gsc cup?

    u gonna try for gsc cup?
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    Gen 2 Flareon (NU) [QC 1/2] [GP 0/1]

    I'll do a third, much briefer set. Not sure if I should include teammates for each set. No worries about the intro. I'll merge it. It was there since before I uploaded it and was waiting for a qc. Earthworm
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    OU GSC OU Discussion Thread

    I didn't get around to this comment because I didn't check any calcs. I think that you don't want Psychic and Blizzard together because each move tends to have slightly better coverage with Hydro Pump. I believe I've seen a mystic water Hydro Starmie on full Growth pass teams. The difference...
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    Oh dang it's true. I totally forgot

    Oh dang it's true. I totally forgot
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    Sorry m8. Take the win i was busy and forgot.

    Sorry m8. Take the win i was busy and forgot.
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    OU GSC OU Discussion Thread

    The lax set I've only seen once actually and it was in a stall match between me and Earthworm. Really fun and underrated set but essentially patches all blindspots in snorlax coverage, leaving it with virtually nothing to resist it. I think it could fit decently well on a stall team...
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    UU GSC UU Cup III (UU Classic V) - Semifinals

    These finals should be exciting. I honestly don't think that it was all hax, especially since I should have been better prepared for your Lovely Kiss Granbull (by bringing Sleep Talk Omastar for example). Good luck robjr I look forward to seeing your next match.
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    It's 6pm right now for me though. I hope that wasn't a problem.

    It's 6pm right now for me though. I hope that wasn't a problem.
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    Do wyou want to change?

    Do wyou want to change?