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  1. Farobi

    Armaldo [BW2 Revamp] (QC: 3/3) (GP 2/2)

    THIS IS QC 3/3 and GP 2/2 AmC'ed by FUZZNIP to make it easier for GP :) DONE dancing fossil [Overview] <p>While Armaldo does possess above average stats, a wide variety of offensive options, and the ever-handy Rapid Spin, it is still considered a mediocre Pokemon. The biggest problem is that...
  2. Farobi

    Weezing | Update | QC: 3/3 | Written | GP: 2/2

    QC'ed by: Treecko, Raseri, tennisace GP'ed by: GatoDelFuego, MysticNova Amateur'd by: Rohail17 :o [Overview] <p>Just like many of the Poison-types residing in the NU tier, Weezing has a relatively wide array of offensive and supportive moves. However, its movepool is not Weezing's only...
  3. Farobi

    Metang (Offensive Utility) [QC: 3/3] [GP: 2/2]

    meat ng @ first analysis! CREDITS: QC'ed by: Raseri EBeast FLCL GP'ed by: relaunched sirndpt Amateur'd by scorpdestroyer Rohail17 Uploaded by: (I don't know who yet, but this may be locked before I get a chance to write who he/she is, so write yourself I guess...) Written: all on my iPad...
  4. Farobi

    Violent Sandstorm - A Sand Team RMT

    Hello Smogonites! Today I present you a balanced sand team which I made quite recently. It's done pretty good, though it struggles against very offensive rain teams with Starmie, Specs Toad, Tornadus-T and all those Rain threats. My team features Banded Tyranitar and Scarfed Keldeo to break each...
  5. Farobi

    Two Pigs and Some Eggs (peaked #33 before ladder reset)

    Hello all you raters! My name is JoshuaMunoz and I've been lurking around the NU Forums and RMTs to learn more about the NU metagame. I've recently been a bit active by joining some competitions (which I lost, lol) and generally been more active. I can't show the image of my peak though, sorry...