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    Trainer Name: Brodaha Pokemon Team: Slowbro, Magnemite, Mumbao W/L/T: 0/0/0 Currency Counters: 0 Universal Counters: 0 Current Battles: None Battle History: None Items: x1 Amulet Coin x1 Exp. Share Key Items: None Prize Claims: None
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    Brodaha's Art Thread maybe I'll draw something to put here... not a great start Hello! I'm Brodaha, and this is my art thread. I don't draw super regularly, but I'm making this so I am forced to draw more often and hopefully improve. I also don't have a lot of pokemon related art, which I hope...
  3. Brodaha

    Evos for Everyone (Slate 21- Keep it Simple)

    approved by G-Luke banner by me EVOS FOR EVERYONE Hello, and welcome to Evos for Everyone, the Pet Mod where the goal is to give every single-stage pokemon an evolution to call it's own! This will include 2 main ways to submit an evolution, so here they are: Normal Evolution: This is your...