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  1. Scheiner

    XY OU An Icy Dragon thats hits you with Electricity

    Hey everyone decided to do a second rate my team, there is no big introduction this time so lets get to the building process stat! Building Process: First pokemon always the one that i choose to built around, this one was fun to build and play around and i did not realize he was OU since...
  2. Scheiner

    Back in Business Trade Thread

    Welcome To my new Trade Thread Before we get to business lets set some ground rules: Please no hacks. Any pokemon with the following OT aint redis unless we come to an agreement. the OTs are: Xainer/Scheiner/Guelio/Guelho. all other pokemon are fully redis, unless it is stated. I use AR to...
  3. Scheiner

    XY OU First Team Built

    Hi, this is my first time that I built a whole team on my own, Ive been away from the competitive market for a while, I use most of my time in pokemon as a breeder, but what is the point on breeding and not using what has been bred! I played around on Pkm Showdown, not entirely sure how it fully...
  4. Scheiner

    Scheiner's Trading Center² [lock please]

    Please read this: My only request is, if you are going to trade with me is that send me a clone back from whichever pokemon I send you, currently i do not have my Ds Lite with my therefore i cannot use my R4 card for trades so I will be using only my white version on my 3DS, that unfortunately...