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    Other Metagames [Colliding Worlds, Falling Skies]-An AG RMT (Peaked #2, 1924 ELO)

    Colliding Worlds, Falling Skies An Anything goes Team. Peaked at 1924 Second place. Some music to listen while you read my RMT. :') It had been a while since I last used Mega rayquaza based team, so I gave it a shot and peaked :'). Without further adieu , let\s jump into the...
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    Other Metagames Pantheonic-[An Anything Goes Hyper Offensive Team]

    Thanks to Sobi for the banner Also Hi Synoptic !! Hi, megaqwer here. I'm about to show you an AG HO team consisting of two of the best stall breakers in the current metagame. Lets GO! Some music to listen to :] I was trying out various...
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    Other Metagames OMOTM(Gods and followers) Mega salamence balance team

    "I wish you'd listen closer to my songs i play.Because the lyrics says the word i can't say" Okay heres a team i am playing with and it seems to have no major problems but yeah for now,water teams "do" give a bit of trouble.Skipping my chit-chat back to the team "Unity is...
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    Other Metagames (Anything Goes) It's Not Worth IT As a Mega

    :mad: Play the song.'Cause that the only thing you'll find non-boring in this RMT:p Hi,Megaqwer here.Today i am here to get my one of my favorite MMX Team rated.Before scrolling down,Beware!Huge grammar mistakes awaits!;p Don't get me wrong but this team wont be featuring a team building...
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    Other Metagames (Anything Goes) The uniqueness of nothingness

    Hello every as you all can see this is an ag team which look very similar to the team of HunterSt0rm but still i have some "unique nicknames"and my own modifications including items and moves firstly the rules of the metagame: Endless Battle Clause: Players cannot use any moveset on any...