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  1. Thorhammer

    Aldaron's proposal: Alternatives?

    My previous thread showed that people as a whole are not satisfied with Aldaron's proposal. While it might be difficult to find an option that's everyone's first choice, we can at least try to figure out what option would be satisfying to most people. So please vote for all of the above options...
  2. Thorhammer

    Aldaron's proposal: Satisfied?

    Two months ago, as I'm sure we all know, Aldaron's proposal was accepted, and Swift Swim + Drizzle was banned. In the meantime, little consideration has been given to revising the proposal to something more specific. Are you satisfied with Aldaron's proposal? Do you believe it is an acceptable...
  3. Thorhammer

    OU Stall Team

    Yay for boring title. I'm pretty new to competitive battling, so expect huge problems that I'm looking for solutions for. Hippowdon- Leftovers Impish, Sand Stream 252 HP/252 Def/4 SpD Earthquake Roar Slack Off Stealth Rock No explanation necessary. Probably. Forretress- Leftovers Impish...