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  1. iKioi

    Monotype STATUS KINGDOM | Poison Monotype team peaked 1818

    art by Ticken Ladies and gentlemen! Today I’m bringing a new fun team for the Monotype community as my #100 Smogon post. I recently peaked 1818 on the ladder with it in the alt ''steeeelium'' so I’ve decided to share it with you all. The team will be usable until the next DLC is released...
  2. iKioi

    Monotype New Mechanics | An alternative Steel monotype team.

    Ladies and gentleman! Its Avenn here with a new Speed Control team. Since Gen 7 came up, I wasn’t able to play Trick Room Psychic anymore due the unreleased megas and so many Araquanids and Alolan Muks around which would make the building of it really painful. I decided to try Trick Room Steel...
  3. iKioi

    Gen 6 AvengeR’s Balanced Trick Room (feat. double Mega)

    ___________________________________________________________________________________ Ladies and gentleman! Its Avenn (most of you know me as AvengeR) here and today I decided to make my first RMT. I have been playing Trick Room since I started playing monotype, like almost two years ago. First...