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  1. Estarossa

    UU UnderUsed Majors VI - Stage 1 Pools

    Yea you need to do another until someone wins the 3-way round robin unfortunately. I would recommend sitting down and agreeing on a time that works for all 3 people so that you can immediately play the reset if this happens again personally. (If anyone drops out of the tiebreak it'll become a...
  2. Estarossa

    Resource SS UU Crown Tundra Viability Ranking Thread

    Don't want to start nitpicking a whole post, (there's a few other things I disagree with here such as the concept that Exca is speed control and that Mandibuz is unsplashable or struggles when Fog is kinda bad on it in first place so like those 2 attacks u-turn roost sets are really solid glues...
  3. Estarossa

     np: SS UU Stage 10 - Airplanes (Tier Shifts + Latias Unbanned)

    If vileplume really is your favourite Pokemon it would be prudent of me to point out that he isn’t actually wholly outclassed by Amoonguss in UU. vileplume has some important niches over amoonguss that give it a place on very bulky teams. It compresses amoongs useful typing but in exchange for...
  4. Estarossa

    Project UU Next Best Thing Crown Tundra Edition: Week 40: Latias [Voting Phase]

    :bw/latias: Latias (F) @ Grassy Seed Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Calm Mind - Stored Power - Mystical Fire - Recover Grassy Seed Lati is a nasty option on teams with Tapu Bulu, gains the ability to do some dangerous late game sweeps with the free +1...
  5. Estarossa

    UU UnderUsed Majors VI - Stage 1 Pools

    After analysing the times on this more with respect to the tiebreak game Siras and Totomon played we realised that this win siras gave Askov was actually for the tiebreak not the pools. This will be treated as siras dropping out of the tiebreak after losing to Askov, and means that the tiebreak...
  6. Estarossa

    UU UnderUsed Majors VI - Stage 1 Pools

    :aegislash: Askov has been given the win by siras for the Tiebreak. This means that the tiebreak for the Aegislash pool will now be Askov vs TotomonGang.
  7. Estarossa

    UU UnderUsed Majors VI - Stage 1 Pools

    For the sake of visibility and neatness, I will be posting all the Tiebreaks here again so that no-one misses them. Apologies if the double tag annoys you. Stage 1 Tiebreaks :aegislash: Askov vs TotomonGang :aegislash: :lycanroc-dusk: GasaiYunoSan vs Beraldinho vs KJLX :lycanroc-dusk...
  8. Estarossa

    UU UnderUsed Majors VI - Stage 1 Pools

    The deadline has now passed so I will be flipping any games that make a difference to the results that haven't had an act claim and haven't been played. :lycanroc-dusk: - Spl4sh qualifies for Stage 2. GasaiYunoSan vs Beraldinho vs KJLX must play a Round Robin to decide who goes through to Stage...
  9. Estarossa

    Project UU Community Create-A-Team (Cycle 1, Slot 2) (Submissions)

    :bw/chandelure: Chandelure @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Flash Fire / Flame Body EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Toxic - Protect - Hex - Flamethrower Something a bit more fun but very potent to build with atm in a metagame full of Slowking, Jirachi, fat Grasses...
  10. Estarossa

    UU UnderUsed Majors VI - Stage 1 Pools

    (You can check your seeding in your Pool on the OP of this thread, I didn't want to clutter this post) :aegislash: - Pool undecided still :amoonguss: - The Strap and ibleachyourskin qualify for Stage 2. :keldeo: - Pool undecided still :kommo-o: - Lilburr and ProDigeZz quality for Stage 2...
  11. Estarossa

    Project SS UU Victim Of The Week v2-Week 36: Conkeldurr (Submissions)

    :ss/umbreon: Umbreon @ Leftovers EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD Bold Nature - Foul Play - Toxic - Wish - Protect Phys Def Umbreon is a fantastic hard-check to this particular set that borders on countering if you can control hazards well, but is a little too vulnerable to being worn down...
  12. Estarossa

    Project Player Interview V3 #1: Magnum

    Thoughts on Umbreon? Who is your favourite UU room staff? Have you ever met any cute spiders in aus? Rank the UU oldgens :o
  13. Estarossa

    Tournament UUWC II Replays and Usage Stats

    Cumulative Usage Stats - coming tomorrow. Sorry for the delay on having the final sets of usage stats/replays live for this, i've been pretty sick irl the last few weeks.
  14. Estarossa

    Tournament UUWC II Replays and Usage Stats

    Finals Replays :Aegislash: SWSH :aegislash: [Europe] Punny vs robjr [US Northeast] [Europe] LNumbers vs Star [US Northeast] [Europe] umbry vs Sabella [US Northeast] :scizor: USUM :scizor: [Europe] Pohjis vs Adaam [US Northeast] :aerodactyl-mega: ORAS :aerodactyl-mega: [Europe] Lyss vs HT...
  15. Estarossa

    Tournament UUWC II Replays and Usage Stats

    Finals Usage Stats SWSH + ---- + ------------------ + ---- + ------- + ------- + | Rank | Pokemon | Use | Usage % | Win % | + ---- + ------------------ + ---- + ------- + ------- + | 1 | Celesteela | 2 | 50.00% | 100.00% | | 1 | Salamence | 2 |...
  16. Estarossa

    UU UnderUsed Majors VI - Stage 1 Pools

    Checked with Holly to see what was going on, she requested that she be subbed out. Dinesh Raj Gujjula is now in the :moltres-galar: pool. Tagging all pool members pokemonisfun drakey KSt3ve Limpy Lucario. ---- Kink could not be replaced for the Nihilego pool due to already having played...
  17. Estarossa

    Multi-gen RoA Olympics 6: Round 1

    won in 2 vs chiles for gsc uu ggs
  18. Estarossa

    Tournaments ORAS Premier League Player Sign Ups

    Estarossa Pu Gmt+1 Nop