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  1. laevin

    Grammar Motisma-Laveuse [GP 0/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Le type de Motisma-Lavage et son talent Lévitation lui permettent d’être un pivot efficace qui peut venir sur des menaces notoires comme Mammochon, Sulfura, Békipan et Bamboiselle. Motisma-L peut être un Defogger efficace grâce à son excellent matchup contre des poseurs d’Entry...
  2. laevin

    Project Underused Teambuilding Competition v2 - Week 28: Excadrill

    approved by Lilburr taken from Twilight OP largely adapted from old thread Art by tiki Welcome to the UU Teambuilding Competiton! This will be weekly competition which you can join at any time. Each week, there will be a core, set, theme, or Pokemon posted, and then you will post an...
  3. laevin

    SS UU CM Glowbro "Rap Catéchisme"

    :ss/copperajah: :ss/rotom-wash: :ss/noivern: :ss/sylveon: Overview Hlelo all. This is a team I came up with when trying to build around CM Glowbro, since it just felt so goddamn good when I faced it. I played it quite a bit on ladder and on roomtours but didnt feel like I had a shot to bring...