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  1. Dread Arceus

    ORAS OU bee right back

    Hey, Dread here with my third RMT and first RMT of the ORAS era. In this team, I explore the potential of Mega Beedrill Voltturn. As you may well know, Voltturn is a playstyle that has an incredible matchup against balanced teams: that is, the teams most commonly seen these days. Beedrill (M)...
  2. Dread Arceus

    Jirachi [QC 0/3]

    Oh Jirachi, how thou hast fallen! Overview ######## Jirachi, a monster in BW OU, comes to XY OU much weaker than it was. Its luck-based sets can usually be beaten by Electric types now (who are immune to paralysis). Its uncommon typing gives it some good resistances, but leaves it weak to...
  3. Dread Arceus


    Flashworks Hey, Seevea/Dread Arceus here with my first RMT of Gen 6 (before you hit the back button, the only reason it's just now getting put up is because I'm a procrastinator =P). Lemme introduce you to Flashworks, my partial VoltTurn offensive team. The Team What would a Gen 6 team be...
  4. Dread Arceus

    Pure Aggression (OU Rain Offense)

    PURE AGGRESSION Ok, this is my first RMT, and probably my last for the Gen 5 era. I apologize if I mess anything up, or you think my team just looks awful in general =[. Without further ado... (Edits have been struck through) Analysis ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucy (Salamence) (F)...