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  1. ANinyMouse

    Seeking A Partial Archive Of MEWHEART Oekaki

    Hello, all. I wasn't sure exactly which forum to post this in, since this isn't really a showcase of artwork so much as it is a request for artwork. Anyway... Are any of you familiar with the oekaki site Mewheart? I used to be an avid visitor to their oekaki BBS, before they closed it to...
  2. ANinyMouse

    ANiny Rant I like this thread. I like it because it kind of takes the whole of competitive Pokemon battling and explains it through a very honest and simple truth: You can not counter everything, and so you will eventually find opponents that you cannot...
  3. ANinyMouse

    Is middle ground just middling? (Team)

    I call this team "middle ground" because it is neither overly defensive nor overly offensive. Special thanks to Phuquoph, Surgo, Jumpman, Hyra, Misty & DevilinDenial for all of your intelligent, insightful posts and your continued dedication to helping others improve. If you see a set of EVs or...