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  1. Based Honker

    Escavalier (QC: 0/3)

    [OVERVIEW] Performs as a bulky wallbreaker, tank, or wincon Great 135 Attack stat Respectable 70/105/105 bulk with one of the best defensive typings in the game Overcoat allows it to switch into powder moves while swarm boosts megahorn's power to ridiculous levels Steel typing gives it immunity...
  2. Based Honker


    [OVERVIEW] Hariyama finds a place for itself in RU with good 144 / 60 / 60 bulk and Thick Fat, which allows it to reliably check threats such as Sneasel and Houndoom that can otherwise be troublesome for offensive teams. It also has a good offensive typing as well as decent coverage with moves...
  3. Based Honker

    ORAS UU Bringing Sexy Back

    You know what I haven't seen in ages on the UU ladder? Banded Haxorus. Well I was bored at around midnight last night and decided to build a team that has it. It's pretty sad how much the power creep affected the meta this gen and it really shows with haxorus. From being an OU hyper offense...
  4. Based Honker

    Chillin Like A Villain

    I've been wanting to build a team around medicham for quite a while now. Although design wise I like gallade better I was attracted to the raw power that medicham has with pure power + a base 130 STAB attack. I personally thought scarf medicham would be the easiest to build around since I can...
  5. Based Honker

    RU Welcomes Manectric

    Well since Manectric just dropped I wanted to build a team around it. It was the drop I was most interested. I guess next up would be gyara in UU but that's besides the point. Anyways I was laddering with it on one of my alts and it's done decently. Far from the best RU team I've made but still...