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  1. SnorkleDove

     Smeargle's Draw This In Your Own Style!

    (Approved by tiki) Draw this in your own style! Hey artists, crafters and talented people alike! It’s time for a special event called Draw this in your own style! What is an art style you may ask? An art style is the way an artist portrays their work. You may see something that’s very...
  2. SnorkleDove

    Kiwi's Paper Vine

    Kiwi's Paper Vine Hello everyone! I'm Kiwiko on PS! and lately I've been drawing a lot of traditional (And now digital( art, specifically of manga and anime style! Art has become quite a hobby of mine starting from the beginning of the year and I'd love to share some of it~ I've done pieces of...
  3. SnorkleDove

    Sibling stories

    So siblings, if you have them you probably have a couple of stories from them. Lets see our most stupid sibling stories, mine for example; When I was 3 or 4 I was in Arabic class with my brother, 5 or 6 at the time, and the teacher brought rewards as part of the end of the year. Every student...
  4. SnorkleDove

    Avatar recommendation

    So phoopes' name change recommendation thread looks fun so I think this could be a fun idea. Basically say if you want an avatar recommendation and if you want any specific things in the avatar just note that
  5. SnorkleDove


    You have the big birds, small birds, strong birds, they're all birds. But I recognise birds to be tiered on characteristics of; Cuteness/Beauty Strength/Speed Influence Personal Experience For one, aesthetically pleasing birds get a good boost, such as peacocks being very beautiful or owls...
  6. SnorkleDove

    Single Sentence Story Link Game

    I have an idea for a game. Basically how it will be played is, someone will start with a sentence and end it off. Then the next person will reply to their comment to add to the next part after what occurred in the sentence they replied to with a single sentence. For example: My Sentence: Jack...