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  1. Chompy

    Standard OU Wi-Fi 6th Gen Team

    Introduction Hi everyone. My name is Chompy. I haven't played the game competitively for the last 2 years (since the B/W days came out) and since X and Y just came out made me want to play again. Here is a team that I might use for a Pokemon Wi-Fi battle tournament, and I could really use some...
  2. Chompy

    Chompys X/Y Trade Thread

    Greetings, welcome to my trade thread! No Scams or Hacks! FC: 4596-9487-3924 3DS Name: Chompy Trainer name: Ricky Trainer ID: 53484 NOTE: All of those Pokemon I listed below can be breeded upon request! Have ***NEW*** Jolly Tough Claws 31/31/31/x/31/31 Adamant Speed Boost...
  3. Chompy

    Smogon's 3rd annual Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament #3

    Welcome to the 3rd Official Smogon Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament! It's been 2 years since we had a Brawl tournament. Now, it's that time of the season to get back into the swing N things. We've had a pretty solid success with a lot of active players, and we also kept the rounds smooth...
  4. Chompy

    My team needs a new makerover.

    Introduction I have been using this team for 2 weeks now, for a while there it had some success. But after using the same Pokemon for 2 weeks, I havent had much success with it and I have gotten bored with it. So far, my rating is a 1403, which is nothing special and I really wanna find a way...
  5. Chompy

    Strike Ninja!

    My Diabolical Team! Hey, im just trying to find players that can help me rate and fix this team. I think my team is pretty standard in terms of movesets and EV's. But if anyone has some creative moves on my pokemon that would be great! So far, I have won about half the games I've used with this...
  6. Chompy

    Synergy Of Infernape and Swampert

    Synergy Of Infernape and Swampert??? Lately every time i see someone using infernape as a lead, players use swampert swampert later on. Like with the skarmbliss synergy in 3rd gen. Why exactly do players put infernape and swampert on one team?
  7. Chompy

    Made Of Steel- Steelix Discussion This Iron Steel can wall a whole lot of types espcially when it can call moves like thunder wave and toxic. He can also wall things like hidden power ice or grass. Base Stats HP: 75 Attack: 85 Defense: 200 Special Attack: 55 Special Defense: 65...
  8. Chompy

    My D/P Warstory

    My First D/P Warstory This is my very first time doing a warstory so i felt like posting one. So here is my team. It was me vs ~BlaziKing~ Chompy (Me) ~Blaziking~ Turn 1 ~Blaziking~ Sends out Jumpluff Chompy Sends out Gyarados Gyarados intimidate activates Gyarados used Dragon...