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  1. whissp

    Hyper offensive ladder team

    I have used this team on suspect ladder when Mega Kang was banned. I have already posted the idea of this team somewhere, but it didn't receive very good reactions, so I decided to make a bit more in-depth article. Also sorry if I am doing something wrong, this is my first RMT. Team preview...
  2. whissp


    DO NOT discuss tiering-related concerns in this thread or you will be infracted (this means no talking about banning it, we have another thread for that) This is a discussion thread for all things Stunfisk-related. Some ideas for discussion topics are: What sets do you like to run / have...
  3. whissp

    We need to move PS servers on a riverboat

    In one infamous chatroom we wanted to make a tournament with IRL money prize pool. However, gambling is illegal in many US states and is restricted to riverboats. Therefore i suggest moving all of our servers to a ship of some sort, so we can all enjoy gambling in peace without FBI. I hope this...