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  1. Space Western Mafia

    If you really want an unofficial winner it was really looking like a SAMCO win to me, but it was nowhere near mislynch you lose so of course i could never announce them as winner.
  2. Space Western Mafia

    This post will make more sense with the postgame:
  3. Space Western Mafia

    Due to an unfortunate mix of events this game will be cancelled. I am very sorry for this guys, i was extremely stupid to try and start a mafia during the beginning of the term. That along with my computer dying and losing the file while not being able to recover the information. I will...
  4. Space Western Mafia

    I need a few more people, also Dale come on irc tomorrow.
  5. [BIG] League of Legends Mafia Signups

    i don't know if i should play this, but my semester is kinda slowing down for a bit why not mid yo!
  6. Space Western Mafia

    <&itchni> so theres some really bad news guys <+jalmont> you had a near death experience? <&itchni> no but my computer did <&itchni> along with some important files <+jalmont> o <&itchni> both my spreadsheet and word document are gone <+jalmont> can you declare me the winner <&itchni> i don't...

    i blame rodan for the lack of activity
  8. Space Western Mafia

    I still need more PM's update will happen at 9:00 PM EST tomorrow regardless though.
  9. Space Western Mafia

    You all gang up on Slim Guldo Because Dale said so. He dropped a piece of paper when he died. It is now night 3. Night 3 will end in 48 hours It will happen in 48 hours and there will be no delays. I am very sorry for being such a bad host. I never expected my term to start off so heavily and...
  10. Space Western Mafia

    I'm still here and I see majority but i'm a very bad host. update will be up in around 4 hours. Very very sorry for the wait.
  11. Space Western Mafia

    After a very long night that lasted hours more than the others due to some space shit i don't have to explain it was finally over. Altair returned beaten and bruised blah blah blah flavour Mrc Ranger97 died more flavour everyone is still here blah blah blah go to work. loudspeakers boom "And...
  12. Space Western Mafia

    Extending 24 hours so anyone who couldn't send in can send in now. i'm sorry i've been such a bad host. I really should have waited before school was all settled before i started this >.<
  13. Sunday Mafia - GAME OVER

    Hy BT, i read my role PM and I can't play this game anymore. I think you may know why.
  14. Space Western Mafia

    Deadline (BTW please unbold your old votes next time zorbees rediamond and draycos7) You all decided to kill Porygon3 because of his middling income. You all picked up stones and started throwing them at him until he stopped twitching on the ground. Wow the aliens really are dropping like...
  15. Space Western Mafia

    Deadline is 9:00 PM EST and i will do the update either tonight or early tomorrow sorry for the wait, moving sucks.
  16. Sunday Mafia - Signups

    in for a not very busy noc game

    Deck Knight, having woken up in Vegas covered in blood and semen, lying in bed next to the corpse of Ronald Reagan. vs a diet coke disguised as a regular coke (who the fuck would come up with something like that) It's 2020 and Deck Knight has fallen from grace from a moderator with a silly...
  18. Space Western Mafia

    Ullar Warlords bold word should have been great I'm sorry for any misunderstanding this may have caused.
  19. Space Western Mafia

    Everything is sent out. it is now Day 2 Deadline is September 6th at 5:00 PM I am moving into my new house for school and will have no internet until then. That is why. Oh yea, unless i said otherwise, all buying actions were completed.
  20. Space Western Mafia

    An announcement was played over the loudspeakers in the voice of your smart and amazing CEO "Everyone please report to the town hall for an important meeting" As you approached the town hall you found a small crowd of people surrounding a body. As you got closer you could see that this body was...