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  1. 1 True Lycan

    Transparency and Scrutiny of Tier Leaders

    Hi all, I am writing this post to share my thoughts on the current lack of transparency of the tier leaders/council on this site (in this case specifically OU, but I assume these issues are also present in other tiers) and how we can go about fixing this issue. For as long as I have been active...
  2. 1 True Lycan

    SM OU King On His Throne (Nidoking Offense, Peak 2030, Top 10 on Ladder)

    Introduction and Building Process I built this because I wanted to see whether I could build some non-standard teams and still be successful. I was actually kind of frustrated with the ladder at the time and so I built this team very quickly. I knew I wanted Nidoking with Stealth Rock and the...