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  1. RKD

    Diancie [QC 0/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Diancie is both a leading Trick Room setter and attacker in the metagame, with 150/150 defenses, immunity to stat lowering, and a great offensive typing. Its signature spread move Diamond Storm is strong against many common Pokemon, from Incineroar and Kyurem-Black, to Zapdos and...
  2. RKD

    Meloetta [QC 2/3] (Written)

    [OVERVIEW] Meloetta is one of the best Calm Mind sweepers in the tier, being able to cover all of the bases it needs to while having a unique typing to enforce this. Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, and Psychic hits every typing for at least neutral damage, and with immunity to Ghost and resistance to...
  3. RKD

    RU Roserade

    [OVERVIEW] Roserade holds an excellent all-around offensive presence, being able to pressure opposing teams both directly and indirectly. Solid STAB options in Leaf Storm and Sludge Bomb, paired with a 90-Base Hidden Power thanks to its ability Technician as coverage, offers little room for...